Summer Style Essentials: Must-Have Brands In Your Rotation

May 29, 2023

With summer looming around, it is fairly common for people to want a wardrobe refresh. If you are tired of wearing the same old clothes, now is the time to look around on the internet and try and find new and flourishing brands that will accentuate and elevate your style quotient.

That said, with the excitement of buying new clothes comes the expenses that are often hefty in the pocket. If you are worried about something similar, we have a hack for you. Using discount coupons like house of Fraser promo code is a great example where you can save a few bucks while shopping from reputable brands.

This article will further look into some of the best summer style essentials that you should have in your wardrobe this summer.

Current Popular Brands

In a world where people are now shifting their focus more towards slow fashion, it is not surprising that there is a shift in the kind of brands that are currently popular in the market. 

Following are a few categories of summer clothing brands we would recommend keeping an eye out on:

  • Sustainable Fashion – This has gained a lot of momentum, thanks to people prioritizing the planet and focusing on thrifting items instead of supporting fast fashion. These are the brands that are conscious about the materials they are using and where they are sourcing them from. Some brands that fall into this category are Everlane, Reformation, and Patagonia.
  • Athleisure – People are now prioritizing style but they also don’t want to put comfort in the backseat. This is where the Athleisure style comes into play. Some brands that are gaining traction under this category are Lululemon, Athleta, and Outdoor Voices.
  • Bohemian Vibes – The last vibe that is gaining a lot of traction under summer-style staples is the touch of relaxed Bohemian vibes. These emulate the free-spirited nature of the lone wanderers in the world. Some brands worth checking out in this space are Free People, Spell & The Gypsy Collective, and Anthropologie.

If you are planning a Euro trip this summer, we would recommend picking a few pieces from each of these categories for maximum comfort and flair.

Where To Shop For These Brands?

Now that you have an idea of the popular brands, where do you buy their products from?

There are three major avenues:

  • Online Website – You can browse through the official websites of the brands you are interested in to explore their latest collections and shop directly from the source.
  • Department Stores Or Boutiques – If you have retail stores selling a specific brand, you can go to the nearest store and buy them from there.
  • Online Retailers – Online fashion retailers such as ASOS, Revolve, and Zappos provide a vast selection of brands, making it easy to find the latest trends and must-have pieces.

We would recommend opting for online purchasing options since they are a lot more convenient and you can also avail of discounts.

Saving Money On Must-Have Brands

Everyone wants to stay within a limited budget when they are shopping for their favorite clothing pieces. So, how do you save?

  • If you planned your travels off-season because it was cheaper, you can do the same for clothing brands too. Wait for the off-season sale to get the best deal on the product.
  • Always scour the internet for coupon codes and discounts before you make the final purchase.
  • If you are into thrifting, you can always visit second-hand stores to buy these big brands for a cheaper price.


That pretty much concludes everything that you needed to know about the current popular and must-have brands for your summer style. Always look for the best deals and compare the prices on different websites before you end up purchasing from one.

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