A Guide to Understanding the Magic of Cold-Pressed Juice

June 1, 2023
cold pressed juice

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Cold-pressed juice enables you to enjoy the natural taste of fruits and vegetables without having to chew their tough exterior. It is also available in fruit and veggie blends for those who want to get their daily intake of veggies in but without the vegetable taste. But most of all, the way it is processed makes it magical compared to other juices.

The Benefits of Cold-Pressed Juice vs. Store-Bought Juice

It Is Not Pasteurized

Unlike most store-bought juice, there is no heat exposure during the cold-pressed juice process. Instead, the fruits and vegetables are put into a hydraulic machine and pressed to draw out all their juice. Hence, you get all the juice without destroying its nutrients.

It Provides Many of the Same Health Benefits as Whole Fruits and Vegetables

Since cold pressed juice is not heat processed, the enzymes and vitamins in the pressed produce are still naturally present. Therefore, it still provides many of the same benefits as consuming the fruits or vegetables themselves, including:

  • Supports a Healthy Immune System Against Illness and Disease – Cold-pressed juices that contain fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C can help boost your immune system, which a report by the CDC shows can help stave off colds, infections, cancer, and more.

  • Helps With Digestion – Consuming vitamins and nutrients in liquid form is easier for your body to absorb, so it helps improve your digestion. It also gives your digestive tract rest from breaking down more complex foods, which can be a great way to help jumpstart your system.

  • Supports Healthy Skin and Eyes – To maintain healthy skin and eyesight, you must consume the daily recommended amount of fruit and vegetables, which is up to 10 servings a day. Cold-pressed juice helps make it easy to get all the daily nutrients, vitamins, and minerals crucial to skin and eye health in just one serving.

  • Boosts Energy – Cold-pressed juice allows you to choose a blend of fruits and vegetables high in vitamin B, which naturally helps boost your energy. It may also help improve your mood and focus.

May Help With Weight Loss

Increasing your intake of fruits and veggies may help you lose or maintain your body weight over time. One reason is that when your body has the nutrients it needs, it is usually satisfied, so you eat less.

And since most fruits and vegetables are low in calories, you also consume fewer calories, which also helps you lose weight. Most vegetables and fruits are also low in sugar, so they help prevent blood sugar spikes that can cause you to crave sweets or overeat.

Cold-pressed juice also still contains soluble fiber, which helps block fat absorption and helps you digest foods better, so you maintain a healthy weight.

Removes Toxins

The skins of fruits and vegetables often contain toxins from pesticides and more, which puts your health at risk. However, during the cold-pressed juice process, the skins of the fruits and vegetables are eliminated, so all that’s left is contaminant-free juice you can feel good about drinking.

It’s Frozen, Never Pasteurized

Cold-pressed juice also differs from most store-bought juice in that it only stays fresh for up to 3 days. However, store-bought juices are also often pasteurized or contain preservatives to help prolong their shelf life, thus making them not the healthiest of choices.

Instead, look for a cold-pressed juice company that makes its concoctions fresh and then flash freezes them to preserve their freshness. Hence, it ensures they maintain their enzymes, vitamins, minerals, flavor, and color. You can then store the frozen juice in the freezer for up to 6 months.

Overall, cold-pressed juice provides many benefits that make it magical. However, the key is to only purchase it from companies that do not use heat or preservatives in their juice-making process to ensure it is the healthiest.

Remember, you should also only purchase it flash-frozen if you do not intend to consume it within 3 days. Otherwise, it will not remain fresh as long, which means you will lose most of its benefits.

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