Why You Should Make Exercise Part of Each Day

July 1, 2023

You have probably heard that exercise is essential to a healthy lifestyle. However, unless someone has taken the time to explain the statement, you may not understand why exercise is so important. Instead of ignoring the advice, learn more about the benefits of regular physical activity to see why it should be a part of each day. 

Exercise Provides Excellent Cardiovascular Support

Getting in enough exercise is critical to maintaining overall health. It directly impacts the circulatory, respiratory, and musculoskeletal systems. The cardiovascular system includes the arteries, veins, and organs that keep blood moving throughout your body. While different types of exercise affect each system, cardiovascular activities — those that increase your heart rate and demand extra oxygen — are among the most important. 

Cardio activities work more than just your visible muscles. It also makes your heart, lungs, and related systems work harder. As a result, they maintain strength and flexibility that preserves function. Something as simple as walking every day or riding your bike on local errands is often enough to offer significant health benefits. 

Strength Training Supports Healthy and Strong Bones

Examining the health benefits of working out without covering how strength training supports healthy and strong bones would be remiss. It is widely understood in wellness circles that strong muscles are linked to higher bone densities. This is because muscles and bones work so closely together. Without the other, neither would be able to work. Consider your bicep: When it contracts, it pulls your forearm toward your torso. 

Include strength training at least twice weekly to make the most of this relationship. You can use weights, resistance bands, or bodyweight exercises to challenge and build muscles. 

Physical Activity Encourages Sound Sleep

Your body needs to rest after a challenging workout to fully recover. As a result, a good workout leaves you feeling immediately invigorated but tired later on. Use this to develop positive sleep habits that allow your body the downtime it needs to recover and reset.

You might be surprised to find how far-reaching the benefits are. For example, getting better sleep supports proper hormone regulation, reduced stress response, and improved cognition. 

Movement Is a Great Way To Spend Time With Friends

Exercise confers the health benefits of social activities since it is a great way to connect with friends and others who share your interests. For example, a walking club is a great way to meet others who want to get in their steps, while a running group might be a better fit if you are training for a race.

Sports are a particularly effective way to make exercise social. Consider joining a local sports team. If you can’t find one, check with your recreation department to see what sports they offer that fit your style and interests. Then, grab a few friends and sign up as a group. 

Regular Exercise Can Help With Weight Management

Moving more is not a magic weight loss pill, but making exercise part of your daily life can help you maintain a healthy weight. Considering that obesity is linked to a host of health problems, this can be a very motivating factor. You can take advantage of this even if you are mostly sedentary. Gradually increase activity until you reach recommended levels for maintaining healthy body systems. 

A Good Workout Can Help Conquer Stress

Stress is not conducive to maintaining good health. It undermines many other efforts you might make to stay healthy and fit. Luckily, many forms of exercise are excellent ways to combat stress. 

When you engage in physical activity, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. These promote feelings of happiness and well-being. Some refer to this as a “runners high” because it is most common after intense exertion. However, many flexibility exercises that combine meditation also offer stress-fighting benefits. 

Exercise offers many benefits. It can help with weight maintenance, support healthy body systems, and encourage social interaction. Work to include about 30 minutes of physical activity into most days to take full advantage of these benefits. 

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