These Reasons Could be Contributing to Your Agonizing Back Pain

July 12, 2023

If you have been experiencing back pain of late and think it’s a temporary pain that will go away, think again. 

Unfortunately, many people think that back pains are not a great deal and will ease with time. However, they only increase with time and come to a point where you may have to spend most of the time in bed. 

To make sure you do not end up there, it is important to understand the reasons for back pain to curb them. 

We have listed five prominent reasons for back pain

Take a look.

Wear & Tear

Our bodies have a finite lifetime, just like any machine. Your lifestyle, genetics, and other factors may play a role in your back pain. It’s common for discs in the lower back to dry out or shrink as people age. 

This can lead to stiffness and nerve pain. You can see how wear & tear can build up due to the above-stated issues. Add obesity to the equation, and you will be convinced why many people complain of back pain.

Biomechanical Issues

Biomechanical issues, such as stuck joints or muscle spasms can be caused by acute trauma or poor posture. Repetitive motions can also cause it at work or in a sport or activity. 

It’s common for someone who does not run much or sits for work for long hours to have weak hips and core. Such people also often have a rigid lower spine and weak glutes. 

The spine is not well protected by this combination of weak muscles and inflexible joints. These factors can seem harmless movements at first, but they can become intense muscle spasms with time. 

Fortunately, you can manage these issues with the right treatment and exercise.

Severe Shock

If you are in an accident or were hurt playing your favorite sport, you may be able to pinpoint when your pain started. However, traumatic injuries to the back are often caused by sudden movements, impacts, and sometimes even falls that cause pain.

These could include torn muscles, damaged joints, damaged ligaments, or strained nerves. To ensure full recovery, it is crucial to identify the cause of your pain and address it.

Tip: Don’t delay if you have recently experienced trauma. To find out the cause and receive proper treatment, schedule an appointment with orthopedics. They can help you deal with your pain effectively. Remember, you can end up with lingering problems or pain if you wait. 

Incorrect Weight Lifting

Lifting even small objects can strain your spine, especially if you twist or reach the weights awkwardly. This is why good lifting habits are important. Low flexibility and lack of strength across many joints and muscles can trigger muscle spasms or other long-lasting injuries.

Tip: When lifting or lowering something, make sure you are in a straight line. Avoid twisting and bending your spine when lifting lighter objects. Instead, face objects and raise them with your legs. Keep your spine straight. You can also use the same method to place lift other heavy things at home.

Incorrect Posture

Ask yourself – do you stand and sit with the correct posture? Unfortunately, the answer will most likely be no.

Being told to sit or stand up straight is one of those pieces of advice that can be annoying–until you start to experience back pain and begin to realize why it’s important.

However, prolonged sitting, standing, or lying in poor positions can cause spine problems. This includes sitting in a chair for several minutes of lying on the couch in awkward situations for an entire evening. It’s also about bad habits that have been ingrained for weeks, months, and even years.

Sitting at work for more than 8 hours per day, hunched over a keyboard, can cause body twisting, leading to painful compensation patterns and pain.

Tip: Be aware of your posture and avoid slouching when you are standing or sitting. Consider a standing desk if you work at a desk.

Final Word

Back pains are undesirable and hurt like hell. As your back is your body’s core, back pain can simply mean your daily work will get hampered as well. 

So, make sure you learn from the above tips and take proper care of your back

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