Finding the Right Riding Boots for Your Horse Riding Lessons

July 30, 2023

When you decide to treat yourself to those horse riding lessons, Noosa or where you are, one of the things you should invest in is the proper gear to wear. When horse riding one of the items you should have are one or even two pairs of decent horse-riding boots. Since you might be new to it and it can be challenging to know what to consider here are some tips to find the right riding boots for you.

Consider the type of riding

Most professionals in horse riding and horse training, Noosa and elsewhere, will say that in order to choose the right riding boots you need to know what type of riding you are doing. Most will talk about either paddock or tall boots. Paddock is shorter coming to just over the ankle and can be worn with half or full chaps and is more of an everyday boot. Unless it is for a child they are not suited for show events and such. Tall boots though are for dressage, field or dress events and they are taller and offer more support.

Make use of riding socks

It is a good idea to use proper riding socks, not regular socks with your boots. That means when you go shopping for your boots be sure to wear your riding socks so you get a good idea of how it will feel and you choose the right size.

Make sure they fit properly

As with any type of footwear the key to being comfortable and performing as well as you can in your horse riding lessons, Noosa is to choose ones that fit correctly. When it comes to riding boots they should not be loose, in fact, you should look for a snug fit that is very close to the skin without actually pinching. This lets you feel the horse’s side better when you are signaling to them and allows you to give the correct signals.

You should never buy boots without trying them on as sizes vary between different manufacturers. You might wear one size of regular shoes but something different with riding boots. You might have one size by one maker of riding boots and be slightly different in another. It is important to be prepared that at first new boots might be a little uncomfortable because they have not yet been broken in. But they should not be painful. Tall boots should fall just under your kneecap and take longer to wear in usually because you are not wearing them as often. Your everyday paddock boots should feel better after just a few lessons.

Talk to your trainer

It is also a good idea to talk to your riding coach or horse training Noosa professional to see what they might advise. Most have experience with the different options out there and can offer some suggestions on what to look for, what manufacturers to check out for, and where to shop. Then you can make the best choice possible for your riding lessons.

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