Bike Fits Are More than a One-time Deal

July 30, 2023

Hopefully, you have heard how important having a proper bike fit is when you get a new bike, whether you choose to do one in person or take advantage of the convenience of a virtual bike fit. But what you might not have considered is that actually, a bike fit should not be a one-time deal, it should be done more often since our bodies change so adjustments need to be made.

It is important to consider bike fits being more fluid

An online bike fit or regular one is designed to make a rider more comfortable and more efficient on the bike. It is also a great way to lower the chances of injury. An ideal fit really depends on the person, the bike, the goals you have and more. These are not things that are static, they change over time and that is why getting a bike fit should happen more often than many people think.

As you get into better physical shape, as your body experiences make changes to how you ride, so how you interact with the bike changes. Your injuries, age, riding style, training approach and flexibility can all change, some day to day, some over a longer period of time. Your goals change too. You might at first be working on improving your strength but then once you have that where you want, you want better flexibility. These changes mean you should also make adjustments in your riding position with a bike fit to keep the best performance and comfort. Often changes to the bike can have an impact too. New handlebars or different shoes, these are things that mean you should consider your riding position once more.

There are seasonal changes to think about

Throughout the year there are changes in how you ride, where you ride and so on so that is also something to take into consideration. Off-season you might not ride as much and your change in fitness levels might mean you need another virtual bike fit so you can be comfortable once more on the bike. What worked well during the peak season in being comfortable and sustainable might not once you are off-season. Handlebar height might need changing, saddle height might need adjusting and so on. This way you can perform better and prevent injury.

Some advantages to more regular bike fit checks

Here is a look at three of the main reasons why you should have more regular bike fits than just when you buy a bike, or just once every few years.

  1. Avoid common biking injuries by maintaining a proper fit with an online bike fit. You can lower the chance of overuse injuries and the stress being placed on your muscles and joints.
  2. Be more comfortable as you ride alleviating discomfort, and pressure points. You can enjoy your outings and be out for longer and come home with no aches and pains.
  3. Improve your performance including having more power, optimizing how you handle the bike and having the best possible aerodynamics.
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