Making the Most of Promotional Tote Bags

July 30, 2023

With just a simple search engine query with something like tote bag printing, you can see there are many businesses offering such printing opportunities. Tote bags are one opportunity businesses and groups can use to promote themselves, but you can also print on a range of things such as shirts, caps, jackets and more. Totes are a great marketing tool though as long as you make the most of them. Here are things to keep in mind when planning your promotional tote printing.

Make the best choice you can with the material

There is a temptation to choose the cheapest material when you choose screen printing onto tote bags as a marketing tool. After all, you save money that way. But really you should aim for the best quality you can afford. People want a bag that is strong and reusable. They are less likely to keep using it if they are concerned whether it can carry much, and that then goes completely against the whole point of the marketing campaign. You want people to use these bags as much as possible, to like them and to use them for months or even years! Cheap does not always mean the best option or cost-effectiveness. If they only use the bag once and then never again, this was not the best choice.

You should also consider the material in terms of what is the best choice as a reflection of your business or product. You do not want customers associating your business with flimsy products even when it comes to promotional giveaway materials. You will at the least have your brand or logo on the bag and if it then becomes easily destroyed and that logo is ruined how can they advertise for you anymore?

Consider what is trending or choose a theme

A great option with tote bag printing is to consider what is driving the market at the moment. That might be specific trends or it might be you are giving them away at a certain time of the year. For example, at Christmas time you might choose to have Christmas colors or themes as well as your logo or branding. Or if you know what colors are tending then you could choose a color theme that people will be drawn to. When you consider what it is people like right now and what they are more likely to take out with them then you can best choose bags they will keep using. You do not have to follow trends, if you have something original and exciting you think people will love you could choose that.

Advocate for something that resonates with people

When it comes to screen printing with tote bags you could reach more people by becoming an advocate for something important. While politics can be messy, things like looking after the environment or supporting endangered animals would be welcome. You could also do this yourself by choosing a material for the tote that is environmentally responsible and sustainable. Something recycled, or something like bamboo, for example.

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