Should I Hire An Insurance Agent Or Broker?

August 31, 2023

Nearly every family needs health insurance. It is a virtual necessity to ensure your family can get the medical care it needs at the appropriate time throughout the year. Most people have the option to choose a different policy or shop for better insurance each year. While most of us are trained to go straight to the source, that is not always the best choice. Working with a health insurance broker can often help ensure you get exactly what your family needs for less money. 

While shopping for health insurance sure sounds like a simple task, it often takes a trained professional’s help to meet your family’s unique and changing needs. Working with a health insurance broker instead of working with a single agent can help ensure you get more bang for your buck while getting your family the medical coverage it needs. Here is why you should partner with a health insurance broker instead of an agent. 

Health insurance brokers work for you first. 

Health insurance brokers like DFW Direct Insurance work directly for the consumer, although their services are typically free of cost. Brokers usually get paid a commission on the policies they sell, but they do not work for a single company. When consumers work with an insurance agent, the agent is employed by the insurance company and will likely represent their interests first. A health insurance broker, however, only works for the consumer. Since they do not work for a specific insurance company, a health insurance broker first represents the consumer’s interest. 

Brokers help you find the best coverage available. 

Since health insurance brokers work with multiple insurance companies, they can help consumers compare multiple policies across different companies. When consumers work with a health insurance agent, the agent can only offer plans from a single insurance company. That company may often not sell the best coverage for your family at the most affordable price. Partnering with a health insurance broker allows consumers to shop multiple policies across several companies to find the very best coverage for their family for less money. 

They will guide you through the claims process. 

Making a health insurance claim is not always the easiest thing to do. A health insurance agent represents the interests of the company itself. While they may help you through the claims process, they are not going to go the extra mile to ensure your claims are approved and paid. A health insurance broker will take the time to help consumers through the claims process, no matter which company you ultimately purchase your health insurance from. A broker will represent your interests and help you submit claims that will be approved and paid. 

Choose to partner with a health insurance broker today. 

Working with a health insurance broker can help ensure your family gets the coverage it needs without breaking the proverbial bank. While going directly to an agent is always an option, it is not always the best choice. A health insurance broker can offer you multiple options to suit your family’s needs and budget constraints without sacrificing the coverage you want. They will help you through the claims process after you find the best coverage available. When it is time to shop for new health insurance for your family, take the time to partner with a health insurance broker who can meet your family’s dynamic needs.

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