Skincare 101: Building A Healthy Routine from The Ground Up

November 21, 2023

Humans spend a considerable amount of time in front of their mirrors, which tells us that we are very conscious about our appearances. Due to this, we try our best to showcase our best faces, whether it comes from injecting harmful chemicals or applying multiple layers of makeup on our faces to hide our flawed but real skin.

Skin is one of the most sensitive parts of your body which requires equally sensitive care. Listening to your skin and realizing what it needs is crucial rather than following harmful practices mindlessly.

Your skin constantly changes throughout the year according to seasons, weather and locations. Therefore, it is important that you regularly pay attention to what it demands and heal it from within.

One of the best ways to nourish your skin and show extra care is to follow a simple and natural skincare routine. Skincare is a ritual that nurtures both your skin and spirit, blending the tangible and the intangible in a simple routine.

Here is how you can love your skin a little extra in the way that it needs the most.


What Does Your Skin Need?


Your skin is the outermost organ of your body that encounters various external factors such as the Sun, dirt and pollution. Hence, harmful chemicals are the last thing that you would want on your skin. To keep your body free of toxins, ensure your skin is breathing. Pay attention to what it needs and start incorporating it into a skincare routine.

A basic skincare routine consists of cleansing, toning, moisturizing and protecting. Following these simple steps will feel like a warm loving hug to your skin.

Choose skin products that are natural or vegan, as these products have no harmful chemicals and are healthy for your skin. Environ skin care is an example of a vegan skin product that loves your skin the right way.

How to Start a Skincare Routine?


Setting off on a skincare regimen is akin to embarking on a path towards self-acceptance and love. Beginners are encouraged to begin with simple techniques that work for all skin types.



The first and the simplest step of a skincare routine is to cleanse your skin. Soak your face in water and take a few drops of a cleanser that is preferably natural or vegan. Rub the cleanser in your hands and apply it to your face. Do not forget to rub it on your skin gently with soft hands.

Once done, rinse with lukewarm or cold water. Cleansing removes dirt and extra oil from your skin, making it look fresh.



The second step of a skincare routine is the application of toner. Pat your face dry with a soft towel and take a few drops of face toner and apply it on your face. It hydrates the skin and removes any extra dirt left on your face. Toner also makes your skin glow.



The most basic part of loving your skin is to hydrate it with a moisturizer. Since moisturizer penetrates deep into your skin, always use one that is free of harmful chemicals.

Moisturizers reduce fine lines, hydrate your skin and make your skin healthy. Therefore, ensure you do not miss this crucial step of your skincare routine.



What completes a skincare routine is sunscreen. After pampering and nourishing your skin, it is vital to lock and protect it. Sunscreen acts as a shield that protects your skin from the harmful UV radiation of the Sun. In order to protect your skin, make sunscreen an important part of your skincare routine.

Choose a sunscreen that has a high SPF, as it will give you maximum protection from the Sun. Furthermore, sunscreen protects your skin from aging and cancer. It is the last layer of your skincare routine.



Our skin tends to collect dirt and dead cells which paves the way to acne, whiteheads and even coarse skin. It is advised that one should exfoliate at least once or twice a week to remove dead cells buildup and have smooth and soft skin. It is best to use DIY or natural scrub to exfoliate your skin.

Exfoliation improves blood circulation which boosts the health of your skin. Therefore, make exfoliation a weekly part of your skin care routine.


What is The Best Time for Skincare?


The best times to follow a skincare routine are in the morning and at night. When you wake up, start with the first step of your skincare routine, which is cleansing. Following a skincare in the morning makes you feel fresh and good. It is also the best time to apply sunscreen.

A nighttime skincare routine accelerates the penetration of skincare products into the skin as the skin gets enough time to rest while you sleep. Hence, never miss your nighttime routine for better and quick result. Also checkout Justmyfitness for some health and fitness tips.



More than pampering your skin, a skincare routine is about following it consistently. It is a basic four to five-step procedure that every skin type deserves. From cleansing to applying sunscreen, this process lets your skin know that you care about it.

To provide your skin with maximum love, always use products that are natural or vegan on your skin. It is time to say no to chemicals and prioritize the health of your skin by providing it with the right kind of love that it deserves.



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