Sex Toys In The Bedroom: Should They Be Shunned Or Embraced By Couples?

February 6, 2024

Sex toys have long been a source of much curiosity, pleasure, and indeed controversy. And despite the growing acceptance of sexual diversity, there yet remains a significant taboo and stigma surrounding the use of sex toys in the bedroom. So much so, in fact, that many couples may feel frightened or embarrassed to discuss their desires with their own partners to introduce sex toys into their relationship.

We aim to put that to an end. In this article, we will take a closer look at the reasons behind the stigma, highlight the dangers of such ridiculous stigma, and provide guidance on how couples can broach the subject with their partners and ultimately enhance their sexual and emotional connection.

1 – The Taboo And Stigma Surrounding Sex Toys

So, why is there so much stigma surrounding sex toys?! Are they really that bad for couples?

  • Society and cultural norms have played a significant role in creating the taboo around sex toys.
  • Historical and religious beliefs often view sex as solely for procreation, leading to the suppression of sexual pleasure. This notion that self-pleasure and masturbation is sinful is dangerous and regressive.
  • A distinct lack of comprehensive sex education and open conversations about sexuality further contribute to the stigma surrounding sex toys.

2 – The Dangers Of Sex Toy Stigma 

Now let us talk about why these stigmas are so utterly ridiculous – and indeed dangerous:

  • Stigmatising sex toys perpetuates the notion that exploring one’s desires and seeking self-pleasure is shameful or wrong – which is nonsense.
  • This stigma can lead to feelings of guilt, embarrassment, and sexual dissatisfaction within relationships.
  • Sexual pleasure is a natural and healthy part of human life, and denying it can cause frustration, resentment, and even relationship issues.

3 – Opening Up Communication

We understand the fear and anxiety associated with broaching such a taboo subject with your partner, however, having an honest and open conversation is a great place to start:

  • Establishing open and honest communication is essential for discussing desires and introducing sex toys into the bedroom.
  •  Choose a comfortable and non-judgmental setting to initiate the conversation.
  • Express your own desire to explore new avenues of pleasure, emphasising the positive impact it can have on the relationship – inside and out of the bedroom.

4 – Highlighting Benefits For Sexual And Emotional Connection

If you are not quite convinced, the following benefits might just sway you to the so-called “dark side”:

  • Incorporating sex toys, such as rechargeable vibrators, can enhance sexual experiences by adding variety, excitement, and new sensations.
  • Sex toys can help individuals and couples discover erogenous zones and new sexual preferences, thus leading to better sexual satisfaction and increased intimacy.
  •  Introducing sex toys can also foster trust, vulnerability, and emotional connection by promoting open communication and a shared exploration of desires.

 5 – Education And Exploration

There is plenty of science out there which backs up the immense healing power of sex and masturbation. High-quality sex toys from recognised brands are simply designed to take these sexual activities to even greater heights of pleasure and gratification:

  • Educate yourselves about different types of sex toys, their uses, and potential benefits.
  • Explore online resources, workshops, or visit a reputable adult store together to learn more about options that may enhance your sexual experiences.
  • Be open to trying new things and experimenting with different toys to find what works best for you and your partner.

Conclusion: Respect Boundaries And Consent

Finally, it is crucial to establish clear boundaries and consent when introducing sex toys into the bedroom. There is no shame in broaching the topic so long as you discuss comfort levels, preferences, and any concerns or reservations openly and honestly.

Remember, always prioritise consent and ensure that both partners feel safe and respected throughout the exploration process!

Do that and you and your partner should have no trouble finding new ways to engage in sexual activity and bring one another immense pleasure.

Never mind the naysayers! The truth is out: sex toys are incredible and the health benefits they bring are no longer to be ignored!

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