Reaping The Benefits Of Educational Travel

May 21, 2016
Experiencing educational opportunities in different areas of the world, being able to experience culture, language, and life outside of one’s comfort zone helps one grow in positive and meaningful ways. This might just be the type of experience that has students standing out in the eyes of college admission officers....

How To Keep Your Life Running While You Are Traveling

May 18, 2016
It was a while ago when traveling was (necessarily) done to get away from everything and put a pause to your life. Today, you can still disconnect from everything if that is your choice (and mostly if you are taking a trip for pleasure/ vacation), but you can also keep...

Dreaming About Corfu: Simple Family Luxuries

May 11, 2016
Early summer is upon us and it is usually the time when the holiday memory chest opens and prior memories of holiday bliss creep into your restless mind, paving the way for cravings of the next vacation. Travel desires and travel priorities should co-align in order to minimise being disappointed...

A Day In Dubrovnik, Croatia

Lokrum Island
May 5, 2016
Dubrovnik, Croatia is one of the oldest cities in Europe and offers a magical experience for visitors seeking an amazing short getaway. Located on the southernmost part of the Adriatic Sea Coast, the city is famous for its fortified city walls built during the Byzantine era. An UNESCO World Heritage...

The Best Beach Locations For A Relaxed Summer Vacation

May 4, 2016
What is a summer vacation without sun, sand, and sea? If this summer you have decided to hit the beach and plan a relaxing beach holiday, you are probably wondering where is best to go. With so many beautiful beaches to choose from, picking the perfect location can be tricky....