North Carolina

What To Look Before Buying Potted Plants For Home?

August 25, 2022
Plants can improve the ambiance of your home, add greenery, and keep bugs at bay. They can also provide a welcoming environment for hummingbirds and butterflies to enjoy. However, you must take precautions when purchasing potted plants for home: avoid bringing in pests that could spread diseases or harmful chemicals....

Designer Handbags as an Investment: What People Should Know to Get Started.

January 15, 2021
Among the enthusiast and collectors, handbags are considered one of the best investment entities. Reliable sources and publications have also conducted studies in which it was found that handbags returned better profits than artworks and unique whiskies. The term investment can never be related to stability, and the risk factor...

Which is the Best for a Holiday, the North or the South Coast of Cornwall

June 25, 2020
Most people when they holiday in Devon are either very much North Devon fans or South Devon enthusiasts so is the same true for Cornwall?  Does it have a coastline split? Cornwall’s two coastlines are very different it has to be said and most people either favour one or the...

Andi’s Pick: Upstream Bohemian

February 26, 2020
Upstream Bohemian: Asheville, North Carolina First Impression While I have visited Asheville, North Carolina countless times (I even lived there for a year), I have yet to find a property that feels like "home." All you need is two minutes at Upstream Bohemian and that feeling is achieved! Whether winter...

Review: Leena’s Eats

Leena's Eats
February 10, 2020
Are you in the Charlotte, North Carolina area looking for catering or meal planning? If so, then I have the woman for you: Ms Evelyn Harris of Leena's Eats! Leena's Eats is a new, fast-growing catering business that brings to you an array of the favorite dishes you recall from...