Chicago: Day 1

January 26, 2012

It is no secret that I have an obsession with New Year’s Eve.  I usually start planning at least six months in advance where and how I will be celebrating the beloved holiday, however this past year was unique since now I would be planning for two instead of one and I was not sure if my new husband would have his Green Card in time to leave the country or not.  Thus, when the Hyatt Regency Chicago invited us to their glamorous NYE Ballroom Blitz we accepted immediately.


We decided to arrive in Chicago a few days earlier than the party, just in case there was bad weather and we would have flight issues — a definite possibility for that part of the United States in December.  Our first hotel stay was at the Elysian Chicago, which was introduced to me via Kiwi Collection.

From the facade of the hotel alone I knew it was going to be special.  I love hotels that give you the feeling that you have walked into another world once you have passed through their front doors.

After we unpacked and spent some time luxuriating in our Deluxe Suite, we dined at the hotel’s casual restaurant Balsan.  The meal was destined to be delicious, since they serve baguettes as their bread option.

Instead of water, my husband and I chose to celebrate our trip to Chicago with fruit-infused caipirinhas.  We could not be more excited to finally, after six and a half years, be in the same place together for New Year’s Eve!

Lunch consisted of a creamed cauliflower soup and a goat cheese salad.  We decided to eat light, as later in the evening we had reservations at the Argentinean restaurant Folklore and we knew that we would be eating as though it was our last meal ever, because we both have a strong affinity for Argentinean food (especially since my husband is Argentinean).  Also, we had two dear friends joining us, one of them being the amazing Traveling Ted.

Our first day in Chicago could not have been more perfect (or so we thought).  Thanks to the Hyatt Regency Chicago, I was about to cross something huge off of my Bucket List!

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

I am Andi Perullo de Ledesma, a Chinese Medicine Doctor and Travel Photojournalist in Charlotte, NC. I am also wife to Lucas and mother to Joaquín. Follow us as we explore life and the world one beautiful adventure at a time.

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53 thoughts on “Chicago: Day 1

  1. Sarah

    Even your pre-NYE celebrations put my actual NYE to shame! Well done, lady! This looks all kinds of fancy!

    (And clearly I am all kinds of jealous.)

  2. Liz

    Those pics make me so hungry. I loooooooove Chicago, it’s definitely one of my favorite cities in the US. Glad you got to spend NYE there.

  3. Heather

    The soup is BEAUTIFUL!! (I’ve found myself commenting on everyone’s food this week…not surprising but wow… O:-))

    And from Kyle’s post, I know you two met up again…looking forward to more Chicago posts!

  4. Andrea

    WOW – that lobby is insanely gorgeous – love the hanging fixture! And lunch looks delish! Looking forward to reading more about your time in a city I’ve spent so much time in

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  6. Jennifer Shivers

    Have I mentioned recently how incredibly awesome it was that you chose CHICAGO as your NYE destination?!?!? I love the Chicago posts and can’t wait to see more. I agree, Chicago has some absolutely delicious food. The dinners we had were unforgettable (though that was from a combo of the food AND the company for sure)! Love and miss you! xo

    1. Andi Perullo Post author

      I wanted to mention you in my post, because you were SUCH an important and special part of our trip, but I wasn’t sure how you would feel about it. But, meeting you was extraordinary. You’re and incredible person and your friendship means sooo much to me!!! Our dinners were sensational. I can’t wait to see you again. Lots of love back!!!


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