How To Prepare For Your Boudoir Photography Session

June 8, 2015

Know what you want

Before you head out for your photography session, know what you want from the session. What overall look are you after? Do you have a 40’s pinup girl look in mind, or do you want something more subtle? Whether it is you in costume or all you and nothing else, your boudoir session should reflect your idea of sexy.

Also, consider the location you are interested in using for your photo shoot. Some photographers have an in-studio setup for their shoots, but you may feel more comfortable having them shot in your bedroom. The key is to choose a location that makes you feel your best because that will come through in the photos. Also, you have to be careful in the selection of the Tennessee boudoir photographers.

Select your wardrobe

It is important to know that in most cases you will be in charge of bringing your own clothes and accessories to the shoot. Because of the nature of these shoots, photographers do not usually provide clothing for their customers. Decide what you want to wear by deciding what makes you feel sexy, empowered, and beautiful. That could be lingerie, your husband’s shirt, a costume, or nothing at all. The important thing is to choose clothes and accessories that make you feel your best. That way, the pictures are guaranteed to come out beautifully. When you feel attractive, you will exude confidence. And there is nothing more beautiful than that!

Get your hair and makeup done

No matter what you choose to wear for your boudoir photo shoot, make an appointment to go get your hair and makeup done. Choose a salon that is experienced in doing makeup for photography, because they will need to go a little heavier on the makeup than you might wear for every day. Treating yourself to professional hair and makeup services will boost your confidence and get you ready to put your best foot (or anything else!) forward.

Know your limits

An important consideration that one needs to make when preparing for a boudoir photo session. How risqué do you want to be? Do you want bare it all or just hint at a little secret that lies behind the bed sheets? Know your limits and let your photographer know how much you plan to bare.

Boudoir photography can seem intimidating, but it can actually be very empowering. Companies like can help you to feel at ease, so that your inner sensuality can come through. The result will be beautiful, sensual, and empowering photos that you can gift to that special someone in your life as a wedding, birthday, anniversary or “just because” gift. Or why not have them taken just for yourself? No one ever has to see your photos if you choose not to share them. They can simply be something that is just for yourself, so years from now you can look back on them and realize just how beautiful you really are. If you have never considered having boudoir-style photos taken of yourself, there is never been a better time than right now. Find a photographer that makes you feel comfortable and at ease and you will see the results in the pictures.

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