Five Secluded Destinations In India That You Should Visit

October 26, 2015

India as a travel destination is popular for being chaotic, loud, and diverse in its cultures, traditions, and colors. A trip to India can be a travel experience different from others and one that will be hard to forget. India’s chaos, crowds, and vibrance — although are the popular reasons tourists visit — they are not all that the country has to offer. It has been rightly said that India is actually a continent masquerading as a country. With each state and region of the country contrasting each other so much in every aspect, there is something in India for every traveler! That is why it is very important to check out Sikkim Tour Package in order to discover the best ways of seeing India and usually on a great budget as well.

Whether you are looking to explore India’s ancient architecture and witness the rich heritage or want to trek the Himalayas, the value in terms of travel experience in India is immense. If you are a seasoned traveler and are searching for some pristine, remote, and secluded places with nothing but nature’s splendor, then you cannot go wrong with India. Traveling within India is relatively easier on your pocket when compared to other destinations of similar landscapes. But as any experienced traveler will tell you, it never hurts to save on your expenses because you can spend more on the local activities. When there, the first thing you can do is contact oyo rooms for offers on your stay. Those guys can really help you cut down your hotel costs!


The Ziro Valley safely lies in the folds of the eastern Himalayas and offers some of the most scenic views on earth. Located in the north eastern state of Arunachal Pradesh at the border between India and China, it has been declared a world heritage site for its natural beauty.


Ladakh, located in the Himalayas, is the most a traveler can ask for in secluded pristine beauty. The barren and dry, but snowcapped mountains are a sight to see. The valleys there are a different experience altogether with lakes so blue you will have to see it to believe it.

Meghalaya Caves

Caves in Meghalaya are the deepest and the longest in South Asia. If you are into caving, Meghalaya should be on top of your travel list. Explore the ancient naturally formed caves through the ages that promises an adventure like no other. The living root bridges in the abode of clouds also make for a unique experience.

Andaman Islands

Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal boast some of the most beautiful beaches on earth. The turqoise beaches are secluded and will let you have the peace and serenity you have been yearning. Also not to miss is the largely untouched and rich coral reef of the Andaman Islands.


For any trekking enthusiast, Sikkim is a must-visit destination and Gangtok Tourism is at an all-time high because of just how amazing it is. Being one of India’s most underrated travel destinations, Sikkim is largely unexplored and secluded. It also has some of the most breathtaking views of the Himalayas.

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  2. Alina Jack

    You missed Kerala. I visited last year this destination, One of my friend suggested me. Kerala is very beautiful place and famous for backwaters. The lush paddy green fields are amazing. You should visit and added it into your list.


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