Review: Aurora By Julia Contacessi

October 23, 2015

Joaquín’s nursery is a constant work in progress. I am having the best time updating it as he grows older. Smaller items that were once carefully placed on the first and second shelves of his bookcases have been removed due to the baby proofing we had to do once he started to crawl and climb. He can almost reach the third shelf now as well! This means that most of the decorating is allocated to the top of the walls where he cannot reach. I have carefully selected each piece of artwork thus far and I only want to add pieces that have significant meaning. When I came across Aurora by the extraordinary talented Julia Contacessi, I instantly knew it had to go in our son’s room. Not only is it breathtakingly gorgeous, but it also has all of the colors of his nursery. I am utterly obsessed with her artwork and I know you will be too!

Julia is often drawn to the sea as a source of inspiration. She says, “I am fascinated with the contrasting nature of the organic and how that can provide an escape or means of meditation to a dream-like place. My most recent work explores these settings in abstracted forms to capture the fluidity of time.” The water has always been my most happiest place and I can already tell at nine months old Joaquín feels the same way as me. Every night I look forward to bath time with him, because no matter what kind of mood he is in, he immediately exudes joy the second his body touches the water. Here is what the print looks like hanging on the wall:

I am not sure where to place Aurora in Joaquín’s nursery? Will you help me choose the right place? Should I choose option 1, 2, or 3? Please leave your choice in the comments below!

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Julia uses Framebridge to frame her prints. I absolutely adore the gold frame that is around Aurora. I was also extremely impressed with how the company shipped the print. I have never seen packaging done this well before. I would not hesitate to use them personally in the future.

Julia has graciously given me a discount code to share with My Beautiful Adventures readers. Use CONTACESSI10 to save $10 on your future purchase!

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