Getting In Shape After A Pregnancy Is A Challenge But It Is Not Impossible

December 9, 2016

I get asked this about getting back in shape all the time by new moms. They are worried that keeping the fat from a pregnancy could ultimately have a negative impact on their health and permanently affect the way they look. If you have this same concern, try not to panic too much. First, it is true to say that a lot of women go back to their natural weight a few months after they have given birth. They do not have to put extra work in to do this either. It is the body readjusting to feeding and looking after one life rather than two. However, if it has already been a few months and you are not seeing any changes, it might be time to start thinking a little more proactively. So, here is my advice to any new moms out there hoping to drop those pregnancy pounds:

Rest, You Have Earned It

Most people have no idea how much stress a pregnancy puts on the body. I am not just talking about the birth itself, but rather all the time leading up to it. You might have forgotten that you were eating for two and carrying around quite a large load of extra weight. Your body also had to adjust to provide for what your baby needed, and of course, it has taken a toll. That is why the most important thing you can do first is rest. Do not start exercising or dieting until your body has fully recovered. If you do start too soon, you could hurt yourself. You need to take your time and when you feel up to it, then you can begin. Again, this will usually take at least a few months after you have given birth. Do not forget, you might still be under a lot of pressure as a new parent. Particularly, through the first few months when babies do not tend to sleep through the night.

Start Slow

If you are looking to start exercising you need to begin slowly. You may want to try some gentle stomach exercises, as long as there were no issues with your pregnancy. If you feel fine and healthy you can begin doing this as soon as you like. However, you should not be attempting anything like full sit ups at this stage. You will find this painful and it will put additional pressure on your body. You might also want to try going for walks with your pram. Do not forget that walking is a very underrated form of exercise for losing weight. It does not put pressure on the body, but it does help you burn the calories. All you need to do is walk a couple of miles each day. You will soon see the effect of this on your body. You will not be shedding the pounds in a matter of days, however you will start to see your body tone up a little.

Watch Out For Warning Sides

Again, it is important to make sure that you do not do more than you can handle. Exercise can be beneficial as a new mom, particularly if you are getting fresh air and escaping the house. It can help you handle the stress of new situations. Although, your body will tell you if you are pushing it too hard. You may start to get headaches or feel lightheaded and weak. If this happens, you do need to ease off a little and reduce your pace. Vaginal bleeding is quite common after pregnancy, but it should be light. If it increases and the shade changes to a brighter red this is your body warning you to get more rest.

Choosing The Right Exercise

Which exercises should you be completing after pregnancy? Well, you can try and Tone It Up workout program. If you have a look at Tone It Up workout reviews, you will see that they are recommended for getting back in shape. However, there are other routines that could be better for you. A lot of women want to try swimming, because they think it will soothe their muscles, as well as help them lose weight. It is not a bad idea, but you do have to wait until you have stopped bleeding. Otherwise, you can pick up an infection just by swimming in the pool.

In general aerobic exercises will be best such as cycling and jogging. Start slow for any exercise like this and then build up the pace over time. You can start by aiming to walk one mile in just under fifteen minutes. If you do that, you can then start to pick up the pace. Eventually, you will feel strong enough where you can engage in strenuous forms of exercises. Running, weightlifting, and seven minute workouts will all be available after around six months. Except, then you will encounter another problem and it has nothing to do with your body.

Finding The Time

This is perhaps the biggest roadblock that you will face when trying to get back in shape after a pregnancy. It is not the limitations of your body, but rather the limitations of your schedule that causes an issue. As a mom, you are going to be incredibly busy looking after your kid. Due to this, you may not have time to exercise. You certainly will not be able to head to the gym. I recommend that you try to exercise in your little one’s down time or when they are asleep. Although, you may need that duration to sleep yourself! It really depends on how much you want it and how important you make this goal. It will be possible to find time, but only if you are willing to let other things go.

Get The Support You Need

Finally, my last piece of advice is that you talk to your partner about your desire to exercise. You will need their support if you are going to get back in shape. They should agree to look after the baby when you want to workout. Do not forget, you do not need a massive amount of time free each day. Forty minutes will do and your husband should be able to sort that for you.

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