How Learning About Spirituality Can Help You Find Your Own

January 31, 2017

The pursuit of a spiritual lifestyle has many meanings. Some people associate spirituality with the practice of religion or faith in a deity. Others view spirituality as a means of connecting to others and the earth around them or finding purpose to and in their life.

If you have wondered about following a spiritual path, you are not alone. You do not need to have predefined notions about what it means to be spiritual. By simply starting an online prayer on hisglory, you can learn about spirituality’s principles and practices and come up with your own definition.

From The Religious Perspective

Religion and the belief in a deity are integral to the spiritual paths of many. To pursue spirituality as part of faith, you may want to learn about the spiritual practices of different religions.

A common spiritual practice across many faiths is prayer, but different communities pray differently. Some pray aloud in unison, some have moments of silence for individual prayer, some pray to a deity, some pray to saints. Some believers pray in tongues, which sounds like a foreign language and is believed to be a holy language of the spirit of God. Another practice is individual and communal worship. The rituals of worship are usually steeped in history and provide great spiritual meaning to followers.

To learn about spiritual practices, you can visit different churches and communities of faith. For example, The Way International is a Christian faith that could offer you interesting contrasts to the spiritual practices of other Christian denominations. By attending their services, you may discover the foundations of your spirituality.

From A Non-Religious Perspective

As important as belief in a deity is to many, you can still pursue a spiritual path even if you do not accept those beliefs. The spirit, in this case, is not tied to a supernatural entity, but to the pursuit of your own inner peace and balance, a connection to the world and the others in it, and living a life of purpose.

If you want to explore spirituality in a non-religious way, meditation is a great technique. Focusing on positive thoughts and images creates energy in your body and mind and can make you feel more connected to your community. You do not need to take a course in meditation — a walk by yourself can be enough to help you focus your thoughts. Meditation, however you practice it, can allow you to strengthen your inner mind. Many view this as being spiritual.

Another technique of being spiritual is to become involved in your community. Volunteering to help those in need or becoming part of a group with shared interests, may not seem spiritual, but many people believe that connecting to their community gives them a sense of purpose, which can be a form of spiritual fulfillment.

The beauty of spirituality is that it is an individual concept. By exploring the different paths taken by others, you can find and embrace your own spiritual identity. Do not be afraid to look for your spirituality!

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