What To Buy For The Wanderlust Friends?

April 25, 2017

We all have that one friend in our circle who is a true wanderlust and their thought of “simple living and high thinking” is always a motivation. They live life on the edge and know to appreciate the smallest things of life. When you have such a wanderlust friend, you should never worry for the vacation plans as s/he excels in that planning. But when the time comes to celebrate their special moments like birthday or anniversary, what to gift them may be a confusing question to answer for you. Have a look below and get gift delivery in UAE to please your wanderlust friend:

Mini Coffee Maker

This is a savior for sure. You would hardly find a wanderlust who is not addicted to tea or coffee. This mini coffee maker is easy to carry and takes less space in the backpack. You just have to put in hot water, coffee, and cream and a steaming cup of coffee would break the tiredness. While someone is traveling, remaining alert is very necessary and coffee helps with that beautifully.

DSLR Camera

They know how well a DSLR camera can be put to use. Instead of clicking selfies, they are more obsessed with the city, village, town, monument, architecture, animals, nature, etc. This is best invention of science and technology. Capturing moments and memories with a few clicks is something that remains with you forever. This is another quality of all wanderlust people — they love to capture as many photographs as possible so that they have stories for life.

Portable Water Purifier Bottle

Wanderlust people may end up anywhere, literally. There are places where pure water is still a dream. Those remote places of Central America, Africa, or a large part of Asia, may not be well equipped with pure and clean water. This portable water purifier bottles makes work easier. One just need to pour water in it and the mouth or cap contains a special UV bulb that filters water.

Sleeping Bag

If they have traveled for trekking, sleeping bag is of the utmost importance. You never know when the temperature dips drastically and sleeping well is very important when s/he is out for an adventurous expedition. Thus, sleeping bags would give them enough warmth to sleep well.

Hoodie Pillow

Sleep provides us energy to go ahead with our set of activities. Catching a short nap or a prolonged one would be enjoyable in an airplane with this hoodie pillow. Just wrapping around the neck, they can sleep well without any hassle.

Beauty And Care Products In Travel Pouch Bag

This is also important just like all the others. A basket consisting of essential oils, cream, moisturizers, shampoo, soaps, and perfumes would always be admired. Just know their skin type and pack these things in a small travel pouch bag, so that they can easily reach out to these things in times of need.


Wanderlust people often have a great liking for books that talk about travel, mystery, adventure, and thrills. Select some form the online stores to buy gifts online in UAE to surprise that special friend who would adore your present for sure!


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