Choosing A Treatment Program For Healthy Healing

June 6, 2017

When searching for an effective drug treatment program, it is important to keep in mind such factors as the individual’s overall health, including emotional, physical, and spiritual needs. The most effective treatment programs will enable the individual to heal from the ravages of long-term substance abuse and to rebuild those areas of life that have been neglected due to the addicted individual’s cravings for a substitute for life.

The Physical Effects Of Drug Abuse That Must Be Healed By An Effective Treatment Program

The Mayo Clinic notes that some of the most common physical effects of long-term addiction are a lack of energy and motivation, as well as neglected physical fitness (1). However, these are among the most minor effects depending on the type of drug abused and the duration of the addiction. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), when drugs are abused, the body undergoes a considerable range of changes trying to accommodate excessive foreign substances that it is not accustomed to processing (2). Each drug generates its own effects on various organs. In addition, there are other physical effects to consider, such as changes in appetite and metabolism, heart rate irregularities, respiratory problems, the possibility of contracting HIV or hepatitis, and kidney and liver damage. Added to these effects is an increase in body temperature, which could affect many other physical functions in the future (3).

An effective drug treatment program, together with a certified and committed support team, can help the individual either avoid these physical effects, or control and reduce them if they are already present.

Effective Treatment Programs Start With A Healthy And Safe Approach to Detoxification

Effective treatment programs offer medically supervised detoxification. The process of removing the toxins from the body takes approximately three to five days, and is constantly monitored by certified professionals who provide the individual with support and guidance throughout the discomfort of detoxification.

The Treatment Program At A Drug Rehabilitation Center

When selecting a treatment program at a facility, make sure that it includes healthy activities. In addition to counseling sessions, there should be opportunities to participate in and study yoga, nutrition, and meditation to help heal the body as the individual continues to progress through the program. These activities will provide the individual with tools that he or she can take with them following the completion of the program and during aftercare. Removing bad habits such as drug abuse, poor nutrition, and an unhealthy lifestyle, and replacing these with healthy physical, emotional, and spiritual focal points will provide the individual with positive energy as well as excellent chances for long-term recovery.

Aftercare And All The Healthy Possibilities

Once the individual has completed the treatment program at a facility, he or she will be ready to face the world with the tools acquired throughout the program. Even then he or she will not have to face the world alone. The individual will work with graduates of his or her own program — people who understand the struggles involved with recovery. In addition, he or she will have all kinds of available support, including recovery workshops, evening groups, and individual therapy sessions to help maintain a feeling of secure progress.

When You Are Ready, We Are Here

The Mandala Healing Center provides all of the programs mentioned above. When you, or someone you love, is ready to shake off the effects of drug abuse and begin healing, contact us today for a free consultation with our caring staff.

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