Why You Should Travel To Spain At Least Once In A Lifetime

October 10, 2017

Spain should be on every traveler’s Bucket List seeing as it is an amazing country with a lot to offer. In this article, we will tell you five reasons why you should drop everything you are doing and plan a holiday trip to Spain:

The Atmosphere

The Mediterranean atmosphere is undeniably enchanting. The streets are a meeting place for the old and young, you can see kids playing and adults eating their brunch in the street-facing taverns. And if someone’s celebrating something, you will know it, because everyone will stand up and drink or dance, even if they do not know each other.

People are very friendly here and you will have a lot to learn from them. It is a whole new culture that celebrates friendship and closeness. You can even see that in how the cities are built, with narrow streets that allow people to easily get involved in each other’s lives.

However, you can also get a very youthful vibe of the place. Consider that Spain is a great country for bike riding and that Majorca is a dream destination for cyclists. You can learn a new skill or practice an old one, training, or sightseeing.

The History

There are tens of cities you can visit here, each with its own sites and glorious vistas. Consider Barcelona if you want to get the Catalan vibe or Madrid if you are more interested in culture. Valencia and Malaga are also stupendous, but you will need to consider getting outdoor watches for your group if you will be doing a lot of sightseeing. If you are visiting Malaga particularly, it might be best to try renting a car at Malaga airport so you have the time and accessibility to see the whole city while you’re there.

Granada is an amazing place to visit too, because this is where Alhambra is. The red palace is thus named after the color of its walls. There is a lot of Moorish history to be unraveled in this World Heritage Site and you can gain a better perspective on how Spain has evolved.

But do not forget the Romans, who have set their Empire on the territory of Spain, conquering and transforming it. Take the amazing aqueduct in Segovia, which is a stellar example of Roman architecture and engineering. The arches are incredibly high and it is set right in the middle of the central piazza. You will also see tons of example of medieval architecture here as well as in other Spanish cities.

And do not forget all the art history you can enjoy in Spain. From the hometown of Salvador Dali to that of Pablo Picasso, you can remember lots of great artists that were born here. Also, make sure to visit the Sagrada Familia Cathedral once you are there.

The Landscape

This is certainly one of the primary assets of Spain. First, the weather is always sunny and warm, even during the winter or the autumn that would see lots of rainy days in other places. This sort of warm, friendly climate allows you to enjoy yourself, relax, hike, and get more sightseeing done.

You can enjoy a few days at the beach too, seeing as there are thousands of miles of coastline in Spain and terrific beaches with varied landforms. Some have golden sand and are really populated, while others are filled with tiny pebbles, secluded coves and generally see fewer tourists.

There are all sorts of facilities on these beaches, so you can definitely enjoy your stay. And if you enjoy a hike in the mountains just as much as a day basking in the sun at the beach, you can always visit provinces like Cantabria. The mountains are very near the beach, with trails that will take you through forests and pastures towards high limestone cliffs.

There are also the Canary Islands to consider if you would rather stay on a quaint island. These have the same bucolic, intimate atmosphere and you can enjoy a luxurious hotel or a more solitary accommodation. A perfect activity here is surfing all day long, after which you can relax at a local party or drink a mojito on the beach.

The Prices

Even if there are such terrific opportunities for fun, you will still benefit from the lowest prices on the market. It is not just that hotels and restaurants are very affordable all throughout Spain, they are also filled with some of the best foods and drinks. In fact, you will have a hard time finding a more affordable location around the beach anywhere else in Europe.

Besides, the flights and trains to Spain are very inexpensive too. If you are traveling here from another European country, you will find the timetable very convenient and you will get on the mainland in a couple of hours.

However, the train does not have to be just a means of transportation to and from Spain. You can actually enjoy the longest train ride in the country, the enchanting El Transcantábrico that features some of Spain’s most amazing views. Even if you cannot get in a specific place with the train, there is always the included coach ride.

The City Life

One of Spain’s main attraction is the amazing food you can feast your palate with in every restaurant or tavern. In fact, from the aromatic Empanadas to the succulent Pincho, you can try it all alongside a rich Spanish wine.

And the best news for people interested in culinary tourism is that each Spanish region has a different specialty. So, you can travel in Galicia for the wonderful seafood or to Castilla-Leon if the roast meat is more your thing.

But you can also enjoy the vibrant nightlife, or enjoy a flamenco show. There are also lots of festivals here, like the Sonar in Barcelona that takes place around mid-June where you can enjoy all sorts of great electronic music. The bullfighting events might be something you want to see too because the choreography is exquisite.

Will You Go?

With that in mind, we are eager to know if we have convinced you to travel to Spain? There are many other new things you can try there too. So, drop us a line and tell us what convinced you. And after your trip, come back and tell us all about it!

Rebecca lives in USA, but loves hiking all over the world. Her favorite is Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal. It usually takes 16 days, but she likes to slow down, enjoy mountains, company of other adventurers, and take more pictures, so it took her 28 days last time. Another of her passion is the ocean, so all short and long hikes along the ocean shore bring a lot of joy. She also writes for HikingMastery.com.

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One thought on “Why You Should Travel To Spain At Least Once In A Lifetime

  1. Michelle

    I’m truly in love with Barcelona! The combination of the atmospheric Gothic Quarter, miniature pintxos, sangria, Gaudi’s wonders and the sunny beaches will draw you back again and again.
    There’s so much to discover and absorb in and around this Catalan city that visiting it once is simply not enough. So take your time to explore beyond the famous sights and get to know the true capital of Catalonia.


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