Five Boat Trips To Do In Mallorca

January 28, 2021

With more than 500 kilometres of coastline, there are many boat trips in Mallorca. The beautiful landscape, the bright sunshine, and the crystal-clear Mediterranean waters all combine to inspire you to spend at least one of the days of your holiday at sea. But with so many excellent boat tours on offer, how do you choose one?

Choosing The Best Boat Trip In Mallorca

You can find the full list of Mallorca boat trips at the link above, but here are five awesome boat trips in Mallorca to whet your appetite and to give you an idea of what’s available. And if you have any questions or need help choosing your boat trip, do not hesitate to ask.

Discover Mallorca’s Hidden Coves

Take a boat tour to Calo des Moro and Cala Marmols for a day of unrivalled beauty at sea, as you sail along the east coast, stopping at hidden coves and secluded beaches that are well off the beaten track. 

This boat tour takes place on a charming boat for small groups of up to just 11 people. You will depart from Cala Figuera and follow the coast to Caló des Moro with its crystal-clear waters, turquoise in color. The boat will stop for a refreshing dip and you can enjoy the fresh water as you swim and snorkel.

The tour also takes in the virgin beach of Es Marmols, which it is only possible to reach by boat or by making a long trek. You will pass by Es Pontás, a great natural rock formed like a bridge, which has a spectacular view from the sea, and Cala Llombards, Sa Cova d’es Fum, and Caló d’es Macs. All these are amazing spots and it is on this boat trip when you will get the best photos of your holiday.

See Dolphins In The Wild

Can you imagine witnessing majestic dolphins swimming and jumping in the sea while you relax at sunrise on a fabulous catamaran? Well, that is actually possible in Mallorca. Join the sunrise dolphin-watching catamaran tour from Puerto Pollensa and make sure your camera is fully charged. 

As you leave the harbour and sail out into Pollensa Bay you will watch as the ball of fire emerges from the sea and the golden colours slowly brighten to a silver shimmer on the water. As the catamaran leaves the bay and you head into the high seas, you might catch your first glimpse of a dolphin. Once the dolphins have been located, the catamaran will stop and you’ll be able to take photos of these wonderful creatures in their natural habitat.

On the way back to port, you can sunbathe on the nets of the catamaran or enjoy the continental breakfast that is included in the tour.

Coast, Coves and Caves

Discover the coast, the coves, and the caves on an exciting boat trip in the northeast of Mallorca, which is great fun for all the family. The tour is approximately three hours long and departs from Puerto Alcudia. The colourful yellow-green boat zips along the water following the coastline along the bay of Alcudia and into the area of Llevant Nature Park. This is where there will be stops at different coves for swimming and snorkelling and where you can find sea caves that the boat will enter inside.

Explore Cabrera

Have you heard of Cabrera Island? It is one of the Balearic Islands and is a National Park. It is a protected area and is important for its wildlife and flora. Oh, and it is absolutely spectacular! If you are on holiday in Mallorca, you can visit Cabrera for the day by boat from Colonia de Sant Jordi.

The boat crossing is only around 50 minutes and you get 4-5 hours free time on Cabrera. Most people visit for the exquisite beaches but there are nature trails that you can follow and a short hike up a steep hill to the ruins of Cabrera Castle from where you can look out over the island and the sea. The views from up there are well worth the climb.

If you do go to Cabrera, be sure to take a picnic as there is only one bar on the whole island and the food offering is limited to baguettes. There are no hotels, no shops and nothing else here to spoil the island; it is truly paradise.

On the way back to Colonia de Sant Jordi your boat will make a stop at the Cueva Azul (the Blue Cave). This is one of the highlights of this boat trip, as the boat goes right inside the cave you get to swim and snorkel in its azure waters.

Spend One Of Your Top Days At Sa Dragonera

Sa Dragonera Island is another tiny island located just off Mallorca’s coast. The boat trip to Sa Dragonera departs from Santa Ponsa in the south of Mallorca. The boat trip is quite complete with a tour along the coast on the boat, a stop for swimming and snorkelling, free time on Sa Dragonera Island, and lunch is included too. Plus, the price of the excursion is very reasonable.

Sa Dragonera Island was declared a Natural Park in 1995, by the Balearic Government. The name of Dragonera comes from Dragon. Dragon is the word used in the local dialect of Mallorca meaning lizard, and it is thought that the name comes from the large number of endemic Lilford’s wall lizards.

The island is completely uninhabited and building work is strictly prohibited, though day trips by boat are permitted.

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