How to Determine If Your Business Is Ready to Benefit from an SEO Campaign

December 4, 2017

Search engine optimization is very popular because of its multiple benefits. Businesses get the opportunity of boosting the awareness of the brand among the target audience, gaining new customers, and establishing a strong presence online. However, there are many businesses that fail to improve their profitability using SEO. It is, therefore, very important to evaluate whether you should launch an SEO campaign. Some vital questions to ask yourself before doing so:

Do You Have the Time?

Search engine optimization requires commitment over a long time, as well as, active participation for success. It is quite easy to have an SEO company onboard, however, unless you are willing to actively contribute to the process, it could very well be a waste of time and money. The SEO campaign managers will need to be briefed exhaustively on every detail of the business; what it does, what is the target market, and what are the goals and objectives. You will need to give them the permissions and log-in credentials to the website account, the social media in which you are present, as well as, review and approve any updates being made to the content. Before taking any marketing, publicity, and PR initiatives, you should brief the SEO agency so that they can leverage them for generating more awareness and market pull.

Can You Allocate Adequate Funds?

Even though SEO does not require investments comparable to conventional marketing, you will need to have enough funds so that the SEO campaign can carry on for the intended period without any break that might cause it to fail. How much money you need to invest depends on the campaign duration, the authority you enjoy now, the geographical coverage, as well as, the intensity of competition. Since a really comprehensive SEO campaign can be expensive, rather than spreading your resources too thin, it may be a better idea to focus the campaign on specific and limited areas or target audiences, observes the CEO of SandCrestSEO, a leader in SEO for small businesses.

Do You Have the Required Focus?

Even though an SEO campaign can target multiple products, you will tend to get better results when you keep the focus narrow, especially in the early stages of the campaign. Since Google always strives to deliver results that are most relevant to the user, too broad a focus in your SEO will not send out the right signals and possibly indicate to Google that your authority on any single product is weak. Dilution of the SEO focus will make it harder for you to get the high rankings so you really need to prioritize your requirements and sharply focus your SEO campaign on them. As your SEO goals are met, you can target more audience segments.


You should invest in an SEO campaign only when your business substantially depends on online traffic. If your business thrives on leads from other sources, and the full potential is yet untapped, you could easily spare yourself the extra burden of an SEO campaign.

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