Tips for Memorable Wedding Floral Arrangements

December 4, 2017

Weddings are exciting moments and the decorations are essential for reflecting the theme of this important and special time in your life. Arranging flowers can be a challenging task but with proper planning and dedication, you can come up with the perfect setup. Key steps in the process include choosing the flowers, vases and setting a practical timeline. Decorate by arranging items such as bouquets and centerpieces to create stunning effects for your wedding day.

Color Scheme

If you have specified wedding color scheme, think about picking flowers that match. Consider the types of flowers that will be suitable for your preferred color scheme.

  • For something on a purple or blue spectrum, there are several beautiful colors that you can choose from. Water lilies and lilacs are among the options that are available in a range of purples and blues.
  • If you seek the classic white look, options for ivory or white flowers include gardenias, daffodils and white roses.
  • Many people opt for colors within the pink or red spectrum. Consider red or pink roses, gingers and oriental lilies.
  • Visit a nearby greenhouse and take a look at the flowers that are available. Being able to see the flowers can make it easier for you to make a selection.


The season is an important consideration. It is advisable to buy flowers in season as your wedding approaches if you want affordable and quality flowers. Different wedding flowers are in season during spring, summer, fall and winter.


If you want to place bouquets in vases or make a centerpiece, you need to choose vases in a timely manner before the wedding. You can begin by determining your arrangements and selecting the right vases to match. If you are interested in a particular type of theme, you can select and arrange flowers according to the vases.

Remember to prioritize size when choosing vases. Consider where they will be displayed. For large table centerpieces, a larger vase can be selected. Smaller vases on smaller tables will prevent an overwhelming display. Think about color and choose vases that coordinate with your chosen flowers and wedding color scheme.

Practical Timeline

It is essential to begin preparations early for your flower arrangements. Ensure that all your supplies are ordered early enough to ensure that they are all available on time and can be assembled for the wedding. Bouquets can be arranged on the actual wedding day while centerpieces can be set up two days before.

Centerpiece Styles

Centerpieces are available in variety of styles. You need to keep your preferred style in mind to determine how the flowers will be arranged.

  • An asymmetrical style that consists of assorted flowers of different colors and textures is ideal for a rustic appearance.
  • Light colored flowers are good options for classic centerpieces. These are typically uniform arrangements with flowers of similar colors and shapes. They work well for smaller reception tables.
  • Cascading flowers create a glamorous centerpiece with flowers spilling out at the stems along with a variety of flowers colors.

Regardless of what your arrangement style may be, you should prepare your flowers before you assemble the centerpiece. This involves tasks such as removing excess foliage or leaves and evenly cutting the stems.

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