2018 is all good for Canadian Immigration Planners – Some Basics to Know

February 7, 2018

Those who plan to immigrate to Canada seem to have bright years ahead as in 2018, and it appears that the Canadian Government is preparing for a more significant intake. The Multi-Year Immigration Levels Plans were presented back on 2017 November 1st at the House of Commons, which aims at “a million target” in terms of immigration by the year 2020. As per the million target plans, there may be about 3,10,000 PRs will be approved to Canada as in the year 2018 and in the forthcoming years, it may be 3,30,000 and 3,40,000 in 2019 and 2020.

The Immigration Minister of the states, Ahmed Hussen declared that this resolution passed will pave the way to one of the ambitious all-time immigration levels in the history of Canada. Additionally, he also announced in a press meet that “this historic comprehensive immigration plan will also benefit all existing Canadian citizens, and the country as a whole, as the immigrants will continue to support the innovation and economic growth of the nation by contributing their talents and manpower.” This approach, he adds “will help the country to come to the forefront of the global economy.”

Express entry

It is a notable fact that 2017 had been a promising year for the Express Entry migrant applicants, and 2018 is also expected to be the same. Apparently, with a higher target set by the government itself for the forthcoming years, Canadian immigration services Toronto experts suggest that the cut-off threshold of CRS will further decrease and the provinces may get open much frequently for the immigrants.

As per the statistics, about 565,000 people will be accommodated to Canada through various economic and social programs in the coming three years. The Express Entry scheme of Canada has played a significant role in fulfilling the need for skilled and intellectual workers in the country, which was a revolutionized the industrial growth.

From its establishment back in 2015, Express Entry put forth more flexible and most natural way of entry to thousands of qualified immigrants. It should also be mentioned that with Canada Express Entry, the most substantial number of ITAs for PR was issued in the history of Canada in 2017.

The Express entry target estimate for the forthcoming years as we can assume from the available information is:

2018 – About 74,900, which is a 4% increase from previous.

2019 – About 81,400, which will be a 9% increase if met

2020 – About 85,800, which will be a 5% increase.

Provincial nominations

It can also be found that year 2017 had been a busy year for the provinces too. Through the entire year, regions from top to bottom have taken initiatives to invite the maximum number of applicants. All did their best when it comes to making the maximum number of eligible candidates a part of their society and economy by giving upvotes to their talents and skills through nomination certificates.

If this was the story of the past, and the coming few years may witness more exclusive efforts all the provinces. Based on the comprehensive plans, more than about 184,000 economic immigrants and their relatives may get a chance to grab Canada PR through various Provincial Nominee Programs.

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