All Your Wedding Cake Concerns Dealt with Here

March 21, 2018

Not much is said about men’s feelings about weddings, but for many women, a wedding is the one event in their lives that stands out from all the others. Some weddings take months to plan. The more the wedding is hyped up, the higherthe expectations for the cake.

Everybody speaks about the cake after the wedding. In fact, you can rightly say that a wedding was a success if the cake was spectacular. The cake is the centrepiece of the entire ceremony. Everything from the vows builds up to the moment the cake will be unveiled…and tasted. If having the wedding that will be on everybody’s lips is important to you, seek out reputable bakers that specialize in wedding cakes.

But there is more to the wedding cake than simply delighting your sweet tooth. There is what that cake represents. The belief is that cutting the cake and feeding it to each other symbolises a commitment to provide for each other for the rest of your lives. In some cultures, sharing the wedding cake with your guests represents your hospitable nature.

Wedding cake etiquette

Choosing the perfect cake is not easy. There are many factors to consider like:

  • Colours
  • Flavour
  • How many tiers
  • Budget
  • Fruitcake vs. sponge/chocolate or any other
  • Cupcakes or the traditional tiered cake

The colour should not be so difficult if you have already decided on the theme and colour scheme for the whole event.

Next comes how to conduct yourselves in matters concerning the cake. Take a look at the following:

  1. Time to cut the cake

The cake is meant to be cut towards the end of dinner so that it can double up as dessert. Soon afterwards, the dance floor is open. The cutting of the cake also signals the end of the ceremony. Guests are free to party or leave for their homes.

Nevertheless, every couple is free to choose when to cut their cake. You need not be held hostage by tradition.

  1. How to cut the cake

There are two main methods:

  • Box
  • Wedge

Here are the steps:

  • The bride stands closest to the cake, the groom behind her.
  • Place both your hands on the knife. Cut an inch or so into the cake then slice down.
  • Cut out a triangle to create a wedge or if you prefer, go for the box.
  • Make a parallel cut about an inch then get the pieces onto the serving plateusing the knife.
  • You are ready to serve cake, but leave the spatula out of this.

What about the rest of the cake?

The newlyweds share the first bite of course. Thereafter, the caterer moves the rest of the cake to the kitchen where it is sliced up for serving to the guests. You have the choice of saving the top tier. You can save that up to enjoy on your first anniversary.

The wedding cake is the icing ofyour magical day and you want the best you can get, so check out wedding cakes so that you can get a variety of service providers and have many bakers tochoose from as well as many cake designs to see.

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