Wood Fired Ovens: Delicious And Nutritious Pizza

March 21, 2018

Contrary to widespread beliefs, pizza can be not only delicious but nutritious as well when the right ingredients and preparation techniques are used. Toppings such as light cheese, vegetables and succulent fruits can transform this dish from tasty to tasty and healthy.

One of the ways to make sure you are indulging in healthier pizza is the assurance is that a wood fire oven has been used to bake your pies. Wood fired pizza is linked to many benefits that range from financial to personal health. With a Wood fired pizza oven you have the ability to make perfect pizza. For example, to get perfect crispy crust, you will need an even high and stable temperature from your wood-fired wood oven. This is impossible with a conventional oven, as it can’t hold high enough temperatures for any good length of time.

Maintaining Nutrients

When a pizza is heated over an open flame, this helps to cook the toppings faster and maintain their nutrients. Examples of nutritional toppings are spinach and broccoli for adventurous taste buds, low-fat cheese that contains a high amount of protein and ham.

Fast And Fresh

  • With faster cooking time you will also be able to enjoy your pizza quicker especially when many people are looking forward to a pie feast.
  • Since the pizza is fresh out of the oven, it can be savoured, which enhances the satisfaction of the meal and feeling of fullness. Eating too fast increases the risk of excessive weight gain and diminishes satisfaction.
  • Eating pizzas straight from the oven, waiting for it to gradually cool down and enjoying each delicious bite is certainly more pleasurable than bulldozing through slices of pizza.

Saving Energy And Money

Wood fired pizzas are an economically sound option that does not require gas or electricity. Along with eating tastier and healthier pizza, money is saved when using wood fired ovens. Visit the site for more about woodfired pizza catering.

Safety And Versatility

Wood fired ovens can be safely used to cook a range of toppings that are included in pizzas. Cooking time can be easily adjusted to accommodate unique ingredients.


  • Heat is distributed evenly when preparing wood fired pizzas, which ensures that every slice you consume is well done. All the parts of the pie are perfectly cooked.
  • Along with even heat distribution, there is an additional smoky flavour that cannot be recreated in regular ovens.
  • Wood fired ovens are an integral component of making tastier pizza by using the right ingredients and equipment for cooking a delicious pizza pie every time.

Using Wood Fired Ovens

  • Custom pizzas can easily be created in a wood fired oven to suit various tastes for a few people or large group of guests.
  • Wood burning ovens have been used for food preparation since time immemorial. They are ideal for high-quality pizzas and continue to positively change perceptions of the classic dish.
  • Dough is chosen or made, topped with sauce, cheese, accompaniments of choice and baked. The step in the wood burning preparation process that is truly different is the delightful fire rather than flipping a switch.
  • Wood fired pizzas are culinary delights that heighten the flavour of an all-time favourite


Pizza is listed by many people as one of their favourite foods. This originally Italian creation has evolved over time into an international sensation. Pizza enthusiasts often crave authentic cooking and quality ingredients. A wood fired pizza guarantees the rich flavour that is derived from traditional cooking techniques that cater to your culinary needs.

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