Four Green Lifestyle Changes That Will Make The World A Better Place

May 18, 2018

Making green lifestyle changes is quite easy and the difference you can make for the world is huge. Our planet is rapidly falling into an environmental crisis and every choice you make daily counts. Even though it may not look like much, every single contribution to the fight for saving the planet is equally important. Using energy-efficient equipment, giving up plastics, and managing your trash better are small things that will make a huge difference, especially if you inspire others with your eco-friendly habits.

Four Green Lifestyle Changes You Can Make Today

1.    Give up plastic in little things.

According to National Geographic, we are currently living entering the so-called “Plastic Apocalypse”. You can see some horrendous illustrations to what that is by using hashtag #PlanetorPlastic. Those shots are a clear proof that reducing plastic waste is paramount for the planet’s survival. Recycling is, of course, a must but it is not a 100% solution. What you should strive for is giving up plastic altogether.

Of course, nearly everything contains some measure of plastic today and many of these tools are essential. However, it is bottles, straws, bags, and other things that can be easily replaced with more eco-friendly options that are the main cause of plastic pollution. Giving up those is easy if you only do simple things like:

  • Get reusable drinking straw, shopping bag, water bottle, restaurant takeout container, razor, etc.
  • Purchase food in biodegradable packaging.
  • Reuse containers for storing leftover foods.
  • Use cloth diapers (they are better for the baby too).

2.    Make your heating/cooling system greener.

You can cut down your home’s energy consumption and carbon footprint (not to mention your energy bills) by making greener choices in temperature control equipment. A variety of methods for this you can find on the home comfort blog. There you will learn about which equipment to install for maximum savings and other ‘technical’ tips.

Most basic green lifestyle changes you can make in regards to heating/cooling include:

  • Stop using an AC unit altogether (fans are much more economical).
  • Change your bedsheets depending on the season (light cotton for summer and flannel or fleece for winter).
  • Spend a few weekends insulating your home and sealing any air leaks.

3.    Start a garden.

Even if you only manage to grow a few herbs on a windowsill in your apartment, you will be saving money, improving the quality of air in your home, and providing yourself with a healthy food. You will also reduce the strain on the farming industry, though by a very small amount.

You can go bigger with ease using hydroponics to grow fruits, herbs, and vegetables anywhere, including cramped apartment buildings.

Just think that by having a garden of your own, you will reduce buying produce, so the plastic waste will go down. You will also get high-quality organic foods on the cheap. Start a gardening club in your neighborhood to increase ecological benefits and set up an opportunity for ‘food trading’ with your neighbors.

4.    Adjust your washing habits.

One of the simplest green lifestyle changes you can make is giving up a clothes drier. In that one step you will save a lot of energy, which benefits the planet with its finite fuel resources. Line-drying is actually better for the clothes as well, so you will extend their lifespan, which means less waste.

In addition to that, use the lowest washing temperature setting and be sure to run the washing machine only when it is fully loaded.

Never forget, even one small change helps, but many changes help better the planet more!

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