Five Important Reasons Why Fire Inspections Are Carried Out In Homes And At The Workplace

June 29, 2018

In the fire department, the department that is often overlooked and unappreciated is the fire inspection unit. Ask any fire safety inspection companies Vancouver and they will tell you the fire would have been prevented if the company had carried out fire inspection.

Fire inspections are important in ensuring all the installed fire safety equipment is in excellent working condition, such as the fire extinguisher, which plays such an important role in putting out fires. Why do you have to carry out this inspection? To understand why it is important, check out the following reasons.

  1. To safeguard lives as well as property from the danger of fire through easy detection of the causes, and correcting them before it occurs. We have all heard the saying, “fight the fire before the fire.” This means you have an obligation to look carefully into the fire hazards and eliminate them before a fire occurs.
  2. To fulfill the law requirements. The law requires the fire inspection department to carry out fire inspection in residential as well as commercial premises without fear or favor. This is for the safety of all who work or live in any kind of environment that may pose a risk to fire. The most common places are offices, apartment homes, and condominiums.
  3. To gather building plans, data, and knowledge. Most firefighters are unable to decide the best course of action when they cannot figure out the plan of the house on fire. When the inspection happens, the officials are able to gather data that will aid in planning and educating people. People must know their fire enemy, which in this case is the building layout, construction, and occupancy. The inspection also allows you to learn about the actual condition of the fire hydrants and their water source, smoke detectors, every red fire extinguisher (or whatever color extinguisher you have depending on what the source of fire could be) in the premises, and breakable glass that are available to assist in times of danger.  The inspection also exposes companies that love to hoard and keep unnecessary materials that could fuel the fire.
  4. To achieve good public relations. The public feels more secure when they are protected from some of these risks. Fire inspections show the community that there is someone who cares enough to eliminate any danger that they are prone to. Most people’s interaction with the fire department is only through inspections; they have never had to call the emergency services because they are updated early enough of the risk, and therefore correct it before it happens. The fire inspection unit is always busy all-year round ensuring that fires can be prevented early enough.
  5. To take stock of areas that are at high risk – Only through fire inspections can you learn what kind of environment you live in. If your apartment is marked as one of the high-risk areas, it is vital to talk to your management and follow through to see that the problems are corrected.

Carrying out fire inspections is a service that must be offered to all offices, homes, and hospitals. It is an important skill that only the qualified should undertake to protect the people around from the risk of fire. The importance of undertaking fire inspections is to increase the survivability of the people who live in these places. This is the joy of firefighters who are sworn to serve all and eliminate any risks of fire to zero.

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5 thoughts on “Five Important Reasons Why Fire Inspections Are Carried Out In Homes And At The Workplace

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  5. Alice Carroll

    It’s interesting to know that there are certain laws that require a structure to undergo certain inspections. I’m planning to get an apartment complex built to rent out in the future and it’s going to be my first experience with such a venture. I will have to make sure that I find reputable contractors to carry out these inspections so that I can make sure that the apartments are very safe to live in.


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