Let Your Tattoo Sport the Unique You – Top 4 Tattoo Art Ideas for Women in 2018

June 29, 2018

Tattoos are individual and unique! It speaks something distinctive about you and your psyche. Gone are the days of limited tattoo ideas and designs that looked the same with a few shades of colour. 2018 is witnessing a revolution in the world of tattoos where artists are getting inspired by street art, fine art, to symbols and images. From watercolour designs that involve abstract pictures, simple lines to feather tattoos, the choice is endless. And the 21st-century women are all set to dabble in this world of beautiful tattoo ideas and flaunt the ones they like best.

So, have you been mulling over a sleeve tattoo? If yes, here are four ideas that might spark your interest.

  1. The 3D Pinup Girl

Perfect for women with a spunky fashion sense, the 3D Pinup Girl has been gaining popularity amongst women across all age group. It has the image of a beautiful woman that grabs eyeballs instantly. The 3D art renders the woman image depth, clarity, and character. Women can select their favourite colours for their tattoo. Women musicians and dancers have been opting in for this tattoo idea more.

  1. The Text Tattoo

For long women wanted words, phrases and sentences as a tattoo idea as opposed to an image! It is where the text tattoo ideas came in. And celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox embraced the trend. Whether you want your tattoo text to border on a religious, spiritual, metaphysical concept or anything to do with nature, text tattoos have a lot to offer. The tattoo text usually comes with minimal designs that include dots, hearts, geometric shapes, symbols and many more.

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  1. Flower and butterfly tattoo

It is primarily for the artsy women. As a tattoo idea, a butterfly symbolizes several stages of transformation. Women across many cultures and ethnicities have been using this tattoo to highlight their life transformations. You can go minimal with this tattoo idea or get inked in a somewhat overwhelming way that covers most of your sleeve. The neck is also where you can get a butterfly tattoo. Usually, a flower goes hand in hand with a butterfly tattoo. However, sometimes women love to have a prominent, vibrant flower tattoo with a minimal butterfly motif near it.

  1. The Tribal Tattoo

Women who love tribal jewellery will also love tribal tattoo ideas! The tattoo artwork takes inspiration from traditional Polynesian, Mayan and other similar cultures from around the globe. The design comprises of broad lines, geometric patterns, natural elements and other creative symbols. The best part of this idea is that it will look good on any woman, regardless of her age. In fact, if you are a traveller and love to study about ancient cultures, you can pick up or create your design as well.

Women love to express their distinctive persona through the dress they wear, the jewellery and make-up they sport! They are free to do the same with a tattoo as well. If you want to get inked in a unique and unconventional way, seek inspiration from these above-discussed four tattoos and other similar ideas. Go ahead and select your tattoo art today!

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