How to Fish Deep Water For Bass

May 8, 2022

Fishing off the bank for bass can be a daunting experience. While the landscape and water may look the same, deep water is completely different and requires specialized fishing gear. This lesson will provide the basics you need to get started. There are a few things you should know before fishing deep water for bass. This article will discuss Baits, Structure, and Techniques. Here are the most important ones:

bass lures

bass lures are best fished


There are many benefits of fishing deep water for bass. For starters, you’ll have a greater chance of hooking a fish. Knowing the depth of the water will help you select the right lure and determine the length of your line. By learning the underwater topography, you’ll be able to identify deeper channels and structures and trigger bites on the spot. Another benefit of fishing deep water for bass is that you’ll likely come across schools of bass as you’re working in these areas.

When fishing deep water for bass, you’ll want to locate steep cliffs or drop-offs. You can also use a drop shot to determine your depth. Vertical walls are prime locations for bass because they trap schools of baitfish and hide crawfish. Bass like easy access to their food and places to move without exerting too much energy. For best results, practice using different techniques and experimenting until you find the one that works best for you.


Jigs and Carolina-rigged soft plastics are great baits for fishing deep water. These baits must be

able to crawl along the bottom to attract bass. These bass lures are best fished in the summer when shad are in season. For more information on the best baits for deep water, check out Garmin’s forward-facing sonar. This device allows anglers to see where the fish are and what lures are producing the most strikes.

If you’re not sure which baits to use, check out the list of artificial baits for bass. Rubber baits, for example, resemble the prey of largemouth bass. They can be rigged to imitate a variety of cover environments, and are the most effective when fishing in deep water. In addition to luring bass, these baits are great for attracting other types of fish as well.


While many anglers assume that bass stays shallow most of the time, in reality, this is not the case. They move shallower during active feeding periods and will hold looser to cover during times of adverse weather. For this reason, a good structure in deep water can provide great shelter and provide a hiding place for bass to prey on passing fish. Here are three great examples of structures to fish in deep water:

Submerged islands and ridges connecting these islands can attract bass from deep water. Crisscrossing over these ridges will reveal bass holding areas. Breaklines in bowl-shaped lakes can also offer the best cover for bass. Look for bends and lazy twists in these breaks. Then, start trolling these areas to find the hot spots for big bass. You should also pay attention to flooded timber and emergent weeds.


A ledge is a structure that can hold bass at different depths. When looking for a ledge, look for one with a sloping bank, as these banks will have slight outcroppings at various depths. As you fish deeper, you will find more ledges. To make the most of your fishing experience, be sure to work the bait from top to bottom, moving slowly from shallow to deep.

Ledges are ideal for shad fishing, as bass move up on a ledge to spawn. During the pre-spawn period, they hold on to ledges to provide cover from the rising water temperature. You can also find prime pre-spawn areas on the backsides of islands or sloughs. Bass move back to these same areas in the winter. These spots are ideal for locating bass, as they are active at different Depths.


Although fishing in shallow waters is easier than fishing in deep water, you will often encounter a better chance of catching bass if you learn how to fish in deep water. Bass prefer deeper water, so finding a deep lake is crucial to your success. Deepwater is an excellent place to target big bass all year long. Here are some tips to help you catch more bass. This article will explain how to fish in deep water and what type of lure you should use.

First, find the right time of year to go fishing in deep water. While spring is the best time to fish for bass, it’s important to remember that bass is sensitive to rainstorms and will go deeper underwater during heavy rainfall. During this time, they’re often active and will bite when their environment is muddy and cold. The best time to fish in deep water is right after a rainstorm. Another tip for finding bass in deep water is to fish slowly and consistently.




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