A Guide To Finding The Best Cozy Bed

May 9, 2022

The quality of your mattress has more to do with the quality of its materials than anything else, so when you are on the hunt for the best mattress, it is important to know what these materials are and how they affect your sleep quality. 

This article explains what mattress materials are made of, how to determine which of them you need in your mattress, and how to find high-quality foam and rubber for your mattress without wasting money on cheap, low-quality products.

What is gel foam?

Gels are intended to keep mattresses cooler than they otherwise would be. However, some gels can feel sticky when you lie on them, which is uncomfortable. The best mattress foam material is gel foam. This technology uses tiny little air bubbles that move back and forth in response to your body’s movements, providing support where you need it most. It’s an excellent way of keeping cool without losing too much comfort or support from a mattress. Most manufacturers create their gel foam in a way that does not compromise its firmness level, so if you find a mattress with a high firmness level that does not make use of gel foam, do not buy it — you might as well get something too soft!

How do you know if gel memory foam pillow is right for you?

It is important to understand that gel memory foam pillows are not a one-size-fits-all type of deal. Depending on your preferences, you could love or hate them. If you are in search of a pillow that works with your unique sleeping needs, it is important to do some research beforehand so you can find exactly what you are looking for. The good news is that there is lots of information available online when it comes to pillows so finding everything you need should be no problem at all.

What makes latex pillows different from other types of pillows?

You may have noticed there are many different types of pillows out there. There are memory foam pillows, latex pillows, shredded memory foam pillows, buckwheat pillows, etc. What’s one of the most important things you should look at when buying a pillow? Well… if you’re anything like us here at The Sleep Judge (where we specialize in analyzing sleep-related products) then you probably want to find a pillow that is comfortable, supportive and gives your neck enough support so it doesn’t ache or get stiff from sleeping wrong. One type of pillow that stands out above all others when it comes to these three things is latex!

What makes a bamboo pillow so great?

Bamboo pillows are made from sustainably harvested bamboo fibres, making them more eco-friendly than their counterparts. While many pillows on today’s market boast about being hypoallergenic, those claims are almost always marketing fluff. Bamboo, on the other hand, is naturally hypoallergenic and has antimicrobial properties that help fight off dust mites—the tiny, eight-legged bugs that live in our pillows (yuck!). Bamboo pillows also tend to be less expensive than similar all-natural options, so you get a high-quality product at a great price! And if you haven’t heard of buckwheat hull pillows before now, they’re definitely worth checking out.

Myths about polyurethane foams

While it’s true that a good mattress is an investment, you can’t let myths about polyurethane foam keep you from buying a good one. There are many misconceptions about foam mattresses—for example, that they don’t hold up well over time, or aren’t durable. But in truth, it all depends on where that foam came from. A bad bed isn’t due to its composition; it’s because of how cheaply made and flimsy it is! The worst thing you can do when shopping for a new mattress is to listen to salespeople.

Should I buy a firm or soft bed?

Many people buy a bed because they think it will help them sleep better, but that isn’t always true. If you want a firm bed, then get one. There are very few circumstances where your mattress would be best served by being plush or soft. In other words, if you wake up in pain, then buying a softer mattress won’t fix that issue—it could potentially make it worse. That said, some people do like soft beds, so if you feel an instant attraction toward those beds at a store (or another place), feel free to try one out! Just don’t expect any miracles from it.

Are you on the prowl for an organic mattress?

The first thing you need to consider is that even foam mattresses can be treated with non-organic latex, cotton, or other materials. The only way you can guarantee a 100% organic mattress is if it’s been organically certified by a third party (although most states don’t require mattress manufacturers to verify their products have been certified). So unless you feel comfortable with just taking your supplier at their word, you should consider buying a 100% organic mattress from an online retailer where you can be sure of what you are getting. If you are on a tighter budget than that, however, there are some great ways to find out if your foam and rubber were made organically or not.


To find out if your foam or rubber is of quality, there are many methods that you can try at home. Ask yourself questions like Does it smells? Does it retain heat or coldness?, How does it feel when I touch it?. The more answers that you get right on a subjective level, then that product has high-quality foam and rubber in its materials. There are many ways of finding a mattress with high-quality foam and rubber. Some mattresses contain viscoelastic foam and natural rubber, while others have polyurethane foam (or memory foam) and latex. A mattress that’s full of good quality, breathable components will be comfortable, durable and supportive, meaning you can get a great night’s sleep every single night. Just use our handy guide before purchasing!

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