Going Live- Participating in an Online Auction for Jewelry

July 16, 2018

Live auctions continue to be a good way to access a variety of products at below-market prices. Goods range from fine jewelry to real estate. However, one of the main challenges that people faced at live auctions was locations. It was necessary for bidders to be physically present at specific spots in order for them to be able to participate.

Prospective bidders who were not situated nearby ended up missing opportunities. The good news is that the advent of live online auctions makes it possible to bring the live auction format to the internet, which brings auctions directly to bidders regardless of where they may be. Bidders can take part in the process from the comfort and convenience of their homes.

How Live Auctions work

For many auction sites online, you are usually required to create an account that enables you to participate in an auction. Your account can also be used to observe the auction as it happens if you want to learn more about how it works before taking the plunge. In many cases, the process of creating an account is not charged.

Before starting the auction, you can get familiar with the process by going through the online jewelry auction site and absentee bids can be placed on items of interest. Absentee bids enable you to be specific about the maximum amount that you can pay for your preferred lot, which is an effective way to take part in an auction in case you will be unable to bid during part of or the entire live auction in real time.

Access to Online Bidding

During the auction, you will have access to the biding console online through your account. This allows you to follow the actual progress of the live auction. Some sites also consist of live auctioneers who conduct the auction and this can be watched while streaming.

A chat module enables you to have real-time interactions with auctioneers in order for you to get instant feedback and answers to questions about the items that are up for bid. This gives the participants the information and confidence they need to place their bids on items with the assurance that they are bidding wisely. Auctioneers go through auctions by lot, just as they would during a physical auction.

Purchasing Items

Upon closing the auction, the responsibility for buying an item is given to the highest bidder. The exception is in instances where items have reserves, which means the seller will not go below a minimum set price. For online auctions, you are typically required to cater for shipping fees to get the items that you won brought to your location.


Live online auctions combine the experience of a personal interaction with the convenience of shopping online. Everyone has the chance to get amazing deals on high-end and quality jewelry pieces, fine art, collectibles and luxury watches. All you have to do is sign up, take a look at the fabulous range of items and begin bidding. Online jewelry auctions are among the ways for people to purchase jewelry at affordable prices.

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