Safety Measures to Take When Dealing With Pest Infestation

July 16, 2018

Pest control methods can sometimes be extreme and they end up compromising the safety of the property occupants. If you have small children or pets, you will be concerned about the health implication of the pest control methods used. You want to safeguard their health even as you get rid of the pests that present several problems to your household.

You should speak with the fumigation company to find a solution to get rid of the pests. The experts will know effective ways to get rid of the pests without posing any risk to you and other family members. Such will also have knowledge of safe products that will not cause harm to the environment, people or pets. For example, products such as diatomaceous earth that are detrimental to insects but will not harm larger animals.

You can take other measures that will ensure the safety of the occupants of your property. Some of the things that you can do include:

Ensuring little or no exposure to chemicals used during fumigation

You can have the fumigation done when the children are away from home. You can arrange for them to stay with a relative or friend. You can make an adventure out of it and take a short vacation outside town. This gives time for the air in the house to clear of the sprayed chemicals. Afterward, you can have surfaces cleaned to get rid of any residue that may stick around. Be sure to remember to clean fabric surfaces such as on the couches and beds.

Use of methods that make minimum use of poisonous chemicals

You can use other methods that get rid of the pests. These methods such as the use of traps are ideal for larger pests such as rodents. Setting the traps allows you to capture them without harming them. The exterminator can then release them elsewhere. Using such methods is not only safe for kids and pets but you also will not have to deal with the stench of decomposing bodies. Sometimes the pests may die in really hard-to-reach places and you will have to live with the smell for a long time to come.

Safe use of products away from pets and small children

Ensure the chemicals used are not within easy reach of children or pets. A child may touch the substance and ingest it even by accident. Placing the substance at high places or behind furniture is one way to keep it out of the children’s reach. When you are using such chemicals in the house, you should ensure you store them away in a lockable cabinet. You should also let your children know of the danger of the chemical by warning them of it. You should be alert at all times when using the chemicals in the house. Keeping the pests away will see you not have to use the chemicals. Do not allow your property to be a feeding or breeding ground. Ensure you keep food safe and do not give rodents access to your garbage. Be sure to keep your compound and even your house free of clutter that would encourage the pests moving in.

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