Top 5 Apps for Improving Workflow Efficiency

August 20, 2019

Want to bring efficiency to your workflow? Want to make it fast so that you can achieve market leadership? No doubt a manual workflow system can not give you efficient workflow, you need an automated system to accelerate your workflows. Here is the 5 app for you that will improve your workflow efficiency. 

Visitor Track – Visitor Management Application 

Streamline your visitor management workflow with Visitor Track. Visitor Track is the cutting edge visitor management application. You can use it in both the mobile and desktop environments. Visitor Track takes less than a minute to check in or check out which is time worthy and efficient as well. Moreover, it has an extra layer of biometric security which is nearly impossible to forge or manipulate. In a nutshell, with Visitor Track you will get both, security in your office at the same time efficient visitor management process. 

Fleet Manager – Fleet Management Application 

Think about how inefficient your workflow becomes when you have to deal with the number of the fleet. The manual process kills time and makes everything complicated. Fleet Manager a fleet management application will bring everything in one place. From driver profiles to managing fuel and fleet reservation, you can do all these things from one single platform called Fleet Manager. Additionally, you can access it on mobile, which means you can get real-time updates whenever you want, regardless of your location. Isn’t it great? 

Simple CMMS – Computerized Maintenance Management Software 

A single downtime can cost you millions of dollars, at the same time can slow down the workflow of the manufacturing unit. Thanks to Simple CMMS a robust computerized maintenance management application through which you can manage your work order, preventive maintenance task so easily. It reduces paperwork, and establish a robust automated system. As a result, your maintenance worker will never miss a single maintenance task, you can keep track of machine’s health, check when it is time to replace and when not, schedule work order and monitor them from a central location, all from one single application. With Simple CMMS your maintenance tasks become effortless and effective which increases the longevity of the machine’s lifetime. 

Asset Tracker – Asset Management Application 

Managing asset can be tiresome. You have to keep track of all your assets and then take action when required. Proper maintenance of your asset can increase their lifetime. Moreover, it will reduce the unexpected work loss due to an unavoidable problem with the asset. Asset Track is such an app that will make streamline your asset management. It is an asset management application using which you can, record all the details of your asset, monitor usage history, repair history and get a notification when any issue arises and can get the report so that you can take a valuable decision.

CircleCare- Employee Wellness App 

Your workflow will never be efficient if you can ensure an efficient workforce, and without proper motivation, your workforce won’t get efficient enough. But when giving motivation to each of your employees seems tough when you have to manage several employees. Thanks to CircleCare an app for employee motivation. Using CircleCare you can motivate your employees, encourage them to be healthy, give them kudos and motivational badges, recognize their performance among others all from one place. Isn’t it great! 

So, are you ready to launch the most efficient workflow with these cool app? Deploying these apps will surely improve your workflow efficiency as well as your business growth. 

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