5 Common Procedures -Top Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

September 7, 2018

You must have heard about cosmetic dentistry and why it is becoming so popular. It is a professional oral care method that focuses on improving your mouth’s appearance and also your smile and teeth. Usually, these procedures are elective, but there are some that also offer restorative benefits. Most of the methods used in this form of dentistry are simple. But some of the others require special care as they are more complicated. We all know the significance of the right dental hygiene as well as regular visits to the dentist yet not everyone practice the essential steps needed to keep away from serious mouth issues. The moment people hear about cosmetic surgery most of them are scared merely because they are not aware of all the advantages of these procedures.

A Close Look at the Different Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Different types of procedures for cosmetic dentistry includes the following,

  1. Inlays and Onlays– Also called indirect fillings dentists make them in a dental laboratory. They use inlays and onlays when there is a mild or moderate decay on a tooth or enough tooth structure for supporting a filling. If the tooth cusps have no damage, then the inlay can be directly placed on the surface of the tooth. When the greater part of the tooth or the cusp is damaged, the dentist will use an onlay for covering the entire surface of the tooth. Both the onlays and inlays are made using composite resin material which is fixed to the teeth using adhesive dental cement. Some of its perks include it will offer support in strengthening teeth, restoring its shape and stop further deterioration or decay.
  2.  Composite Bonding– This is a method used to repair teeth that are discolored, damaged or decayed using materials which resemble the tooth enamel color. The dentist will drill out the decay on your tooth and put the composite on the surface of the tooth and sculpt it in the right shape before curing it using light of high intensity. Also called bonding this method will cover the tooth damage effectively and in its place provide a healthy tooth appearance. This cosmetic dentistry method is quite affordable and will be an excellent choice for patients suffering from worn-down edges, cracked or chipped teeth or tooth decay.
  3.  Dental Veneers– Manufactured of medical-grade ceramic, the dental veneers are created for every patient individually to resemble his/her natural teeth. It appears exceptionally realistic as well as can help in resolving different cosmetic issues such as noticeable gaps amid two teeth, damaged enamel, cracked and crooked teeth. The dentist will apply the veneer to the front part of the tooth with a dental adhesive.
  4.  Implants-In this the dentists use a dental implant for replacing teeth following a tooth loss. A tiny titanium screw is inserted into your jaw beside the missing tooth that will act as a support for the crown. An implant is almost indistinguishable from all the surrounding original teeth. The moment the supporting tissue and the bone fuse properly to the implant it is secured into place permanently. At the time of the implant placement, you need to practice proper oral hygiene to clean food debris and plaque from the area. To learn more about cosmetic dentistry get in touch with a reputable dentist in your area.
  5.  Teeth Whitening– Teeth bleaching or whitening is a primary cosmetic dentistry method. Dentists do it after tartar, plaque and other forms of debris are cleaned thoroughly from every tooth surface thereby restoring its natural look. Teeth can be bleached as well to attain a lighter shade from the original color. With time, your teeth will become stained as well as worn from medication, drinks, food and personal habits like smoking. Teeth whitening will coat your teeth. Today whitening toothpaste is readily available in the market which you can use to whiten your teeth.

Benefits that Lure

Although cosmetic dentistry has a long list of benefits but the top 5 are as follows,

  1. Improve your Bite- Most people do not have that perfect bite. But with cosmetic dentistry, you can improve your bite tremendously. This way you will not damage your teeth further whenever you bite on something due to your unbalanced bite. Having your teeth bite down properly and also align together you can enjoy biting down just anything.
  2. Take Pride of your Beautiful Smile- While clicking pictures or during meals you will no longer have to hide your smile. Big credit for this goes to cosmetic dentistry that will help you to show off your beautiful smile that you can take pride in.
  3. Save Money- Although some dental methods can be expensive, you can save a lot if you take proper care of the dental problems in time and not neglect it. Rather than delaying things, it is always best to consult a professional at the earliest.
  4. Enjoy All Forms of Food-Post completion of the dental method and the teeth getting appropriately healed you can enjoy all kinds of food again. Though it is good to avoid taking too many sweets to prevent hurting your teeth again yet, it will be nice to relish a juicy steak devoid of the fear to increase your teeth’s damage.
  5. Feel Better and Confident About Yourself– The moment all your dental problems are fixed you will automatically feel better and confident about each facet of your life. Dental issues and bad toothaches can result in insomnia, migraine and many more additional medical conditions. Hence it is best in keeping away against all the negatives through a good dental procedure.

The bottom line is, if you wish to reap the perks of cosmetic dentistry it is essential to contact a good cosmetic dentist that specializes in the technique that you are interested in. Check online reviews or testimonials or take recommendations from family and friends for finding the best cosmetic dentist in your area. Good Luck and keep smiling.


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