The Fundamentals Of Vaping That You Need to Know

September 27, 2018

Often people plan to quit smoking. But in reality, some of them follow it sincerely while others say it just for the sake of it and are not really serious about it. To quit smoking is a good thing to do considering your health because tobacco can harm the body and affect different parts including the heart. A significant number of deaths take place every year resulting from heart disease due to smoking as well as second-hand smoke. People are often tempted to try electronic cigarettes for easing the shift from traditional to quit smoking. But can it help you in stopping this habit permanently? Take a look at some truths related to vaping.

  • Less harmful – Electronic cigarettes heat the nicotine, other chemicals and flavorings for creating a water vapor which one inhales. The regular tobacco cigarettes comprise of 7000 chemicals of which most are toxic. But in the case of e-cigarettes, it will expose one to lesser poisonous chemicals.
  • Bad for the health – Be it electronic cigarettes or regular cigarettes its primary agent is nicotine which is extremely addictive. It will cause one to crave smoke and experience withdrawal signs when they ignore it. Nicotine is a highly toxic substance and can raise the blood pressure as well as spike the adrenaline that in turn will boost up the heart rate as well as the likelihood of an attack. Vaping has a lot of unknowns including the types of chemicals used for making the vapor and its effect on the health. It is essential for people to understand the potential risk of e-cigarettes to their health. After all, they will expose themselves to various forms of chemicals which they are not aware of and may not be safe.
  • Highly addictive – As stated above, be it regular cigarettes or e-cigarettes, the chief constituent in each is nicotine which is equally addictive as cocaine and heroin. In fact, what is even worse is that most people who use electronic cigarettes inhale more nicotine compared to a tobacco product. Extra strength cartridges are available that has nicotine of a higher concentration or its voltage can be increased.
  • Just not the best – Despite being marketed to help people quit smoking, the electronic cigarettes or vaping has not yet received any approval from FDA (Food and Drug Administration) as a device for the cessation of smoking. The majority of the people that try e-cigarettes for kicking the habit of nicotine end up continuing smoking both e-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes alike. To know more, visit
  • Getting hooked – Vaping has become quite popular amid the youth compared to other conventional tobacco product. Its usage is high amid high school students.

Basic of vaping

Vaping is the method used to inhale the vapor that is produced by a personal vaporizer or e-cigarette. These are portable devices that are battery powered and vaporize e-liquid which is a mixture of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, flavorings that are water-based and also optional nicotine. Of late, the concept of vaping has turned into a hot topic. No wonder more and more people are inquiring about it and gaining information. More and more vaping devices and accessories are also getting introduced in the market. You might have heard about ghost vaporizer too that is gaining popularity across the world. It also ignited a debate recently and grabbed the headlines of TV news shows and newspapers.

Who uses e-cigarettes?

The maximum number of vapers is current or former smokers, and few are attempting to quit while others are using it for getting the nicotine when it is not convenient to smoke. There are a couple of vapers that never smoked yet they represent a minimal part of the whole vaping population. People are aware of the fact that as per a survey vaping has grown big time in the current age, and smoking has gone down to low records. Irrespective of the claims that e-cigarettes are a gateway for teen’s smoking, the rates of youth smoking have declined rapidly compared to adult rates ever since vaping’s advent.

The truth is vaping has turned immensely popular amid the youth, have displaced the smoking of cigarette and above all contributed to the smoking of cigarette’s denormalization. This, however, does not mean that children should also try vaping. Maximum teenagers that use vaping are smokers already or stopped smoking. Amid the teens that are regular vapers, less than 1% falls under never-smokers.

Surveying teenagers regarding something which they have tried just once within a month or even once in a lifetime will not throw light on their regular habits. It is during the teen years, the youth tends to experiment with various things, always they do and always they will. The number of regular vapers under 18 is small for sure.

Vapers, vaping, and electronic cigarettes

Some vaper products look like a cigarette while there are others that seem bigger. Most people choose the cigarette look alike or cigarette like which it is popularly known as first just because of its easy availability, familiar look, and low initial cost. E-cig, e-cigarette or electronic cigarette are not usually the small cigalike though it is used that way by some people. It refers to any form of a vaping device. The other common names used include PV (personal vaporizer), mod, or vape.

The word mod comes from the users of the early age who transformed their primitive e-cigs for working better or transformed the other products such as laser pointers and flashlights for working as vapes. Small or big, refillable or disposable, they have the same function.

The bottom line is vaping has a different meaning for different people. In case of smokers that have desperately spent years to come up with a means to stop smoking, turning into a vaper can act as a life-saving or life-improving miracle. Those in the public health, mainly vaping’s vocal opponents in the controlling field of tobacco; vaping is nothing less than a threat to its status quo. Enjoying nicotine for them without health consequences which are smoking will not fit into their campaigns neatly against that misunderstood alkaloid.

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