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November 13, 2018

Ontology is a branch of metaphysics that attempts to explain the nature of being. Ontological coaching seeks to cultivate a distinctive understanding of ways of being by fostering an understanding of dominant cultural memes, and the basic processes that shape our environment and the world at large.

The world is made up of people of diverse cultures and biological makeup as well as varying languages. These are expressed through the values, lifestyles, relationships and self-interpretations. Also, the dynamic patterns of cohabitation play a huge role in shaping the world. There is a lot more information to be found on sites such as for a better understanding of the discipline.

When we recognize the patterns under which we live, we are better able to change the paradigms. This is because we recognize the reason for our thought processes and patterns that guide our processes.

As a result, we will be in a better position to achieve the following in our lives:

  • Peace
  • Effectiveness
  • Fulfillment

You can do this by turning patterns into possibilities and being active in the effort to shape our world.

What is the intention?

When you can tap into the knowledge of what the world is like and your role in shaping it, you can:

  • Participate in shaping the world for the better
  • Enhance the positive experience, meaning and rhythm of our lives, leading to more fulfilled lives
  • Experience the current moods in your own life to be in a position to understand their meaning
  • Actively seek to understand actions through language by recognizing the fact that there is more to language than just a set of words that follow strict grammatical rules
  • Appreciate how the way you use your words has a profound effect on the happenings in your world. Therefore, you will learn how to live through the constantly changing grammar of action.
  • Succeed in your material endeavors, emotional wellbeing and enrich your understanding of meaningful and valuable relationships that are present in your life. In order to gain this understanding, it is important to first understand the world with regard to social constructions and ecological constraints.
  • Become an active participant and train others to be as well in the shaping of the world and individual lives.

Ontological training aims to sharpen our awareness of the self in relation to the world we live in, what is of value to us, and our contributions to this world and life. It enhances a greater understanding of the cultural memes and the processes that shape the world and the individuals therein.

The key concepts of ontology

  • The study of the always evolving conditions that make the world which is bound by culture and ecology a place teeming with possibilities
  • We participate in the wellbeing and shaping of the world, whether passively or actively. It is necessary to increase active participation.
  • Coaching aids in transforming the patterns of our lives in order to have a better organization of values by exploiting our natural capabilities and capacities. 

By visiting a site such as, you will learn a lot more about what ontological training entails and why our words, thoughts and actions are conditioned by the prevailing linguistic, cultural and ecological conditions we are confined in.

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