Vampire Facial: Breaking New Grounds In Facial Rejuvenation Treatment

November 25, 2018

Although aging is inevitable and leaves its marks on the body especially the face, many people are reluctant to show their age at least in their looks. Sporting a youthful appearance is an inherent tendency in many people which has contributed to the popularity of a variety of cosmetic improvement procedures related to face upliftment. Dermal filler treatments and Botox injections are very popular treatments to remove wrinkles from the face and make you look younger by restoring the fullness of the face by rejuvenating of the facial muscles and improving the skin tone. Fillers add volume to the face that stretches the facial skin to make it look taut and tight like the skin of youngsters. Improving drooping jawlines and removing wrinkles is the dual purpose of Botox treatment that has been a favorite for celebrities for years. Of late, a very new procedure in facial treatment is creating waves.

Injecting blood and not chemicals

Until now, different chemical compounds have been in use for facial rejuvenation to drive away the marks of aging and restore youthful looks. But things have changed since the PRP treatment or platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment commonly known has Vampire facial broke into the scene to challenge the traditional anti-aging treatments.  The semi-invasive beauty procedure consists of injecting your own blood into your face just like what Kim Kardashian demonstrated to the world with blood marks all over the face in the name of beauty.

Be ready to pay the cost

Although it is difficult to say anything about the expenses involved in the treatment, be sure of paying some price in other ways. The procedure is far from pleasing because by Kim’s admission it is rough and painful. Doctors and beauticians are aware of this which is why they use painkiller or numbing cream or even both together before the procedure. The treatment which is a new addition to facial aesthetics has not only created waves but has also become a very contentious issue.

The treatment procedure

Beautification of the face by using your blood is what makes the treatment special and drawing a lot of attraction. It involves taking your blood, processing it in a centrifuge to extract the plasma and then injecting it under the facial skin. The theory behind the treatment is that the platelets and growth factors in the plasma initiate a healing response which rejuvenates the skin gradually. In the absence of any concrete evidence to support the claim the procedure remains controversial. However, there is some doubt how much attraction the procedure would have gained had not Kim Kardashian posted the picture of her blood-stained face after the procedure on the internet.

There are no side effects of the procedure which has similarity to Botox in its application but differs in the way it acts on the facial muscles. Botox freezes the facial muscles, but platelets result in repair damaged collagen that refreshes the looks. Regular touch up treatment at an interval of 3 to 6 months would be necessary to sustain the effects of the treatment.

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