Three Awesome Tips To Help You Choose The Best Bartender For Your Event

December 12, 2018

People host events for different reasons. Some are hosted to commemorate special occasions or to celebrate people and their achievements. Such events are planned differently depending on the formality of the occasion and the purpose. Some parties usually have themes and people are usually expected to wear clothes that are in line with those themes. Furthermore, at other parties, people are allowed to come dressed as they please. Apart from choosing a theme for your party, you need to also get a few more things sorted before you can have a successful event. For example, you need to decide on the venue, caterer and even the type of drinks to be served. You also need to hire Events staff to manage the things. Some people drink alcohol while others prefer to stick to soft drinks. In order for your party to be enjoyable, you need to be able to cater for all these people. You can do so be hiring a bartender. This is preferred because the bartender is capable of making specific drinks according to people’s specifications. This allows people to enjoy their favorite drinks, thereby having a good time. However, for this to be achieved, you need to hire the right bartender from Some of the tips that can help you handle this task include:

  1. Knowledge

A bartender is supposed to have adequate knowledge on different drinks, how to serve them and even how to make different cocktails. They should know the ingredients that go into every recipe by heart. This is so as to keep the event going without any hiccups. Furthermore, they should be able to have attributes that make them relatable. These include a good attitude and a warm or friendly demeanor. This will allow the guest to feel free enough to order their drinks without any fear. Since they are handling the drinks, suggests hiring the bartender based on their cleanliness and hygiene. You do not want your guest to get sick based on what you give them.

       2. Experience

Getting a bartender that has a good amount of experience is a plus. This is because they have probably been to similar events like yours. From that, they have gathered knowledge on which drinks people usually like to order the most and how they usually like them done. Such a bartender cover letter can allow you to make a menu that suits all your guests without leaving anyone out. Do not hire a rookie as they may make mistakes that could cost you your party. Make sure they have some kind of training and at least 6 months’ experience. If you want to step into the bartender job market with the best chance of being hired, start to look for the job here.

An experienced bartender should also be prepared to speak with guests who may be planning to drive after a few too many drinks. That can lead to a situation where one of your guests may need a Dallas DWI attorney. A bartender with experience can limit guests who may be imbibing too much and keep everyone safer. 

      3. Location

When making up your mind on which bartender to hire, you need to consider the location of the event. Thus, if the event is far from where you live, you have two options. You can either hire a bartender from your locality, ask them to travel with you or you can hire one from around the area where you are having the event. Whichever option you choose depends on you and the bartender’s willingness to travel. Just make sure to make arrangements earlier on so that you do not get disappointed. Bartenders can be expensive, but do not let cost ruin your gathering! Consider how car title loans can help finance your party, and your drinks.

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