4 Steps to an Indoor Wedding Reception PhotoShoot in NYC

December 19, 2018

Wedding photos will stay with your clients for life. And considering what some outstanding people of our time tell The Guardian, those shots might have a great impact on the family for generations to come. Taking those pictures is a great responsibility and even bigger challenge, especially when it comes to indoor wedding reception shots. Poor lighting, partying people, and some venue limitations you cannot control will all get in the way of doing your job and taking amazing pictures. Therefore, you need to make sure the venue is set up right in advance, run some tests, and have a heartfelt discussion of the photography details with the happy couple.

How to Set Up a Perfect Indoor Wedding Reception Photo Shoot in 4 Steps

1.    Define the vision

The best way to ensure that no one is disappointed with the wedding pictures is outlining the couple’s exact expectations. You need to havea detailed discussion about your clients’ vision of the images they want toget. Note that it’s not only a discussion about the photography styles andtypes of shots. You also need to discuss the event in-depth.

During the discussion, you need to find out what the theme is, what kind of atmosphere the couple wants to have there, what kind of moments do they prioritize for you to capture on film?

Look through your portfolio together so the couple can point out exactly what they like and describe any additional requirements they have. Remember, you might be the artist here, but it’s their day. Therefore, you have to respect their vision and do your best to realize it through your skills.

2.    Take part in the venue setup

New York has no shortage of wedding venues, but every photographer out there will know that none of them is perfect. Therefore, you need to make it as good as it can be. As you already know exactly what your clients want, you should be able to offer advice when possible.

Pay special attention to the lighting setup and furniture, as those will be important factors for making a shoot come together in you need couple wants. Explain the necessary setup of your client’s equipment that will allow getting the exact pictures the couple wants. When the couple rents lounge furniture in NYC, you should offer tips on its placement. Your professionaleye will be able to create a setup that will allow for most favorable shots ofthe guests.

In case you can’t participate in deciding the arrangements,you need to study them well in advance. This will allow you to understand what tools you’ll need to achieve the couple’s vision. Be sure to have an additional discussion and explain how the venue affects the plans so you can try to find the best solutions.

3.    Bring all lighting equipment you can carry (and have the rest waiting in your car)

Many a wedding photographer wept seeing what’s trending for wedding reception lighting among couples today. There is no doubt that candlelight and muted yellowish tones set an intimate and romantic atmosphere. However, they definitely do not allow for great photos.

And in spite of preparations and discussions, emergencies do occur, so you should have a veritable lighting arsenal at your disposal. If possible, you should have a test run with the kind of setup that will be at the venue while in your studio. This will help you choose the best tool combos for the big event.

4.    Take a bunch of detail photos

Regardless of what the overall photography plan for the event is, you need to take a wide range of If possible. They look great in albums and help show off the setting in the venue the couple wants it. Detail shots should feature food, decorations, and guests to create a comprehensive kaleidoscope of precious wedding moments.

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