Improving Performance and Accuracy- Choosing the Best Sights for your Gun

December 23, 2018

Aiming refers to the action of directing a camera or weapon at a target. This is the most critical component of shooting. Firing off a number of rounds is one thing but shooting accurately is something else entirely.

Discovering your Dominant Eye

Eye dominance is a key factor in shooting. There is a low chance of hitting the target if you shoot right handed and your left eye is dominant. Fortunately, a simple test can be used to figure all this out. Form a triangle by extending your arms fully and crossing your hands with a triangle between your index fingers and thumbs.

After centering the object within the triangle, shutting your left or right eye will enable you to see whether or not the object is still centered and determine your dominant eye. It is important to note that being right handed does not automatically mean your right eye is dominant.


Along with determining your dominant eye, there are other factors that affect the success of a shooter. Sight alignment is the alignment of your front and rear sights. It sets the stage for aiming and varies with different firearms. Sight picture refers to the way sights are aligned with targets.

Along with understanding the difference between alignment and picture, it is essential to understand how to pull the trigger and grip your firearm. You want to make sure that the overall comfort and fit of the gun is ideal for you.

Many novice shooters make the mistake of not gripping their firearms tightly enough. A firm grip enables you to follow up shots without the effect of a limp wrist. Learn more at

Sight Options

There are a number of sight options.


Iron sights are usually fixed to the gun, although the sights are adjustable and do not use extra optics. A small hole is used in order for the shooter to see through it and usually has metal markers inside. Iron sights are helpful for aligning your shot but are not typically used for precision shooting.


Optical sights facilitate a more accurate aim for long-range shooters. A shooting point or image is superimposed on the aligned target. Power can be adjusted for a zoomed in version to increase the chances of accuracy for shooters.


Commonly known as scopes, telescopic sights are a common option for optical sights. These sights are usually found on rifles and can also be used on shotguns. They magnify the shooter’s range and provide a reference point in terms of where the shooter needs to aim.


Reflector lights use a curved mirror component or glass to create an image. This is usually a target that is superimposed on the target or object. Making the target move with the gun improves accuracy and performance. The target may be a red dot, which is usually in shotguns and has been widely used since their advent on aircraft and guns.


Laser sights can improve accuracy from long distances. A laser beam that parallels with the barrel is emitted. These sights are great for sporting shooters who practice in ranges. They are also ideal for places that do not have good lighting.

Quick Tips

  • Collimator sights are affordable alternatives to telescopic sights.
  • Night vision devices are accessories that can be used for shooting at night.
  • Spotting scopes are useful for detecting longer ranges.
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