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December 27, 2018

Personal injury is a type of tort law in which the plaintiff has suffered physical or mental damage. The damage can be due to a careless act of another person or business. The plaintiff would need legal representation to sue the at-fault person or organization.

Attorney Walter Benenati, in Orlando, is very reputable in solving personal injury cases. He has been in practice for 15 years and has adequate experience in legal representation. He has successfully handled over 8,000 cases.

Types Of Personal Injury

Personal injuries caused by negligence often lead to serious health problems which require medical attention. The plaintiff would then incur costs for medical treatment for injuries caused by the careless actions of another person. Understanding the different types of personal injury will help you get a clearer picture of why personal injury laws exist, and what kind of compensation is available in case of damages. 

Car accidents

Car accidents are one of the most common types of personal injuries. You can be left disabled due to a careless driver. In most cases, reckless drivers are liable to compensate injured passengers of their car or the vehicle they crashed into.  Once the plaintiff has standard grounds to sue the driver, they should seek legal representation. 

Slip and fall

Buildings that are substandard can cause damage to a person once they fall. Slip and fall can lead to broken limbs, fractured limbs, or permanent disability. 

Buildings open to the public, with slippery floors and no caution or warning signs, are inherently dangerous and owners are liable to compensate the plaintiff in the occurrence of an injury. Building owners should ensure their buildings are safe.

Additionally, buildings that are carelessly erected can cause damage to the users. If it is proven that the owner was aware and did not alert the users, then he can be sued. 

Another instance is when an employee falls while conducting a task. The employer is liable to pay for all hospital bills and medication. The injury occurred in the line of duty. In circumstances where the employer neglects to compensate the employee, the employee should consider taking legal action.

Medical malpractice

This is another type of tort. Doctors who unprofessionally treat patients are liable in the instance of an injury. If it is misdiagnosis or any other kind of sub-standard treatment, doctors are accountable for their actions. A patient who suffers medical malpractice in one way or another should seek legal representation. 

Dog Bites

The owner of a dog should securely store their pet. If a dog escapes and bites somebody, the owner should compensate the affected person. They should pay for their medication and any other costs. Whether the dog has no history of aggressive behavior or it has, the owner should in both cases compensate the person.


Defamation entails damaging the image of a person or organization. If the plaintiff can prove the allegations against them are untrue, then they should be compensated. The law is against defamation based on false grounds in the intention to tarnish someone’s reputation.

However, if the allegations against the plaintiff are based on the truth, then the plaintiff has no grounds to sue for compensation. Defamation lawsuits are only applicable when the defendant does it for selfish gains. You need to prove in a court of law that the allegations are false and they aim to destroy your name.


This involves physical battering. The plaintiff could sue the person if they experienced physical damages.  If the assault led to visible physical marks, one should seek legal representation.

Why hire Attorney Walter Benenati in Orlando?

  • Experience: he has been in practice for more than 15 years
  • Reputation: he has solved over 5,000 cases
  • Transparency: he conducts his practice on transparent grounds
  • Availability: he has a full-time attorney
  • Skills: he is a skilled attorney
  • Professionalism: his work is always professional

He is a reliable attorney in Orlando solving personal injury cases and bankruptcy cases. His passion and urge to ensure justice makes him quite formidable in these types of cases. Clients love his work which is backed up with many years of successful practice. He is a good attorney to represent you in court.

Bottom Line

Benenati Law Firm  in Orlando is very experienced in representing personal injury victims. Most people are unaware when they should be compensated. Do not let a careless act of another person cause permanent damage in your job or life.

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