Seven Tips To Create Lasting Memories With Your Baby

February 6, 2019

If you have just had a baby, then you might be feeling overwhelmed. You have more responsibilities and also this new life to spend time with. However, one of the big questions on your mind might by how you can create lasting memories with your baby. After all, they will only be at this age for a short time, so you want to make every moment count. Here are seven tips to help you: 

1. Go For Walks 

With so many distractions today, it can be hard to find the time or motivation to unplug. Social media, tv, Netflix, and the internet are always encouraging us to stay glued to screens. This is not a habit you want to fall into and certainly not one you want to pass onto your baby. 

Instead of going online, try going offline. Take your baby for a walk in a practical double stroller and get some fresh air. As the two of you walk together, you will be able to see the trees, the grass, the animals, and everything nature has to offer. 

Not only will this fill your child’s mind with beautiful nature, but it will also help you get more exercise. This is proven to be better for health, sleep, and mood. Therefore, while it might seem like a simple walk, it is actually so much more when you do this with your special little one. 

2. Teach Them Sign Language

One of the biggest frustrations for parents with young babies is speech. Even most toddlers will not be able to form sentences or communicate verbally for quite some time. This can make simple things, such as understanding what they want, very difficult. Imagine staying up all night because you can’t get your baby to stop crying. This is only one of the downsides to having a baby that does not know how to tell you what they want. If you do nothing about it, it might only get worse. 

However, with the right approach, you can turn this pain into something wonderful for the two of you. Form great memories by teaching your baby from the very start to use sign language. There is plenty of research showing that babies who learn this are happier and feel that they are understood by their parents. It gives you a wonderful way to bond with your child. You can even take photos or videos of them learning and show it to them when they are older. 

3. Laugh Together 

There must be something great about an emotion that always makes you feel good. That is why laughter is so important. When we are laughing, we are releasing chemicals in the brain that make us feel good. It is important for adults to laugh, but also for babies. It is a natural and healthy sign of a growing mind. 

Laughing also helps reduce stress. So do not always be so serious with your baby. They can play and be funny too! Babies do have a sense of humor, and they will have great memories if you are the one making sure they get plenty of laughs during their day. 

4. Build Something 

Fewer things are more fun than building something. However, with how busy people are today, it can be hard to find the time. Do not worry though. Even if you have two jobs, a hobby, and friends to spend time with, there is a way to build memories through building something. 

You can get baby legos or even softer versions. These are easier to stack and have bright colors. This way, your child stays entertained while they are being creative. This creativity could pour over into their later life as they become an artist or someone who really knows how to express themselves. 

5. Paint 

As your baby gets older, you might have to worry about them getting into paint or other household supplies. However, that is usually because they are curious and don’t know the bad effects of getting splatters all over your walls. The key is to introduce them early. 

Get paints that are rated to be safe for babies. Then, put down some towels or drop cloths. You can start small, but let them go wild in the space that you have set up. You can form some amazing memories that you will cherish together for the rest of time. 

6. Be Present with Silence 

Sometimes in life, it is more about being than doing. You can have great moments with your child without having to have a lot of activity. Sometimes, the more simple things are better.

Take for instance just sitting there with them and looking into their eyes. Just connect on a deeper level. You do not have to say anything. Just let your souls speak to one another and feel the love. This is simple, but it really shows your baby that you are there and present for them, even if they do not understand language. 

7. Watch Them Discover 

Babies are going to be learning very fast when they are young. In fact, this is one of the stages of rapid development that trumps any others in their growth. Therefore, watching them learn new things is really a treat for you as a new parent. 

Sometimes, you and your partner can just watch as they play, discover, or overcome their challenges. Of course, getting it on video or in pictures is a way to keep the memory. That way, you always have those moments to look back on even when things might get difficult in the future. 

When it comes to having a new child, it can be one of the most exciting moments of your life. However, you do not want to get caught up in forgetting to make memories that will last forever. You will want to flip through picture books or albums and videos for a long time to come. So use the seven tips above. That way, you and your family can make memories with your newborn that you will never forget.

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