Nine Classy Yet Adorable Ways To Decorate The Kids Nursery

February 9, 2019

The budding future of a country needs love! Nourish your child in a beautiful environment where they inculcate a sense of understanding, creative imagination, and scientific temper. Decorate your kid’s room with 3D decorative wall panels that make a childhood dream come true. Make the best use of colors and textured wall panels, 3D fabric wall art, 3D ceiling, and floor tiles of various kid themes to bring the walls and floors to life. Bring out the child in you to furnish the nursery where children spend their most time. We bring to you nine adorable ways to make your children feel loved and protected:

Playing With Colors

Magically transform kid’s nursery with whimsical use of colors. Intelligent color choices can create an illusionin the room. Adding visual effects can create illusion of depth. Uses of patterns make the spaces look bigger. Monochromatic colors are gaining popularity for they make the spaces look elegant and relaxing. Whereas, bright colors like green and orange in combination with white can make the rooms look extremely lively. Primary colors give instant energy to any room. Paint the toddler’s nursery with different colors and patterns before they start painting it in their unique manner!

Create your own mini art gallery

A child’s art is one of the most prized possessions. Decorate the walls of kid’s nursery with framed pieces of artwork. The frames can be wooden or handmade paper frames painted in different colors. The art can also be displayed by using wooden hangers. A sagging and floating clothes line can also be used to give a dramatic effect to the walls. Several pieces of the same art can also be displayed in different grids. Kid’s art can also be displayed with different styles to personalize the nursery. Various other objects like toys can also be converted into artwork.  A vista outside the window of the room can also be used as artwork.

Spice up with different themes     

 Choose the right theme for kid’s nursery depending on the age, gender, and budget. Inspire and motivate the young minds to dream big. Enlighten their curious brains by putting up space-based themes. Nature based themes could provide a serene and peaceful environment to the rooms. Floral or rainbow themes could be a lovely option for girl’s nursery. Different children movies like Tangled, Frozen, or Tarzan and various other cartoons themes give a dramatic effect to the rooms. A monochrome theme is extremely popular for giving a cozy effect to a kid’s nursery. 

Make way for stencils

Stencils have the power to instantly make any place lively. They can create a colorful environment to bring joy at faces instantly. Polka dots or big designs, they all have the power to magically break the monotony of the nursery. Using bright colored designs on light background give a signature effect to the walls. Brightly colored lace or bird or floral stencils look great in a girl’s nursery. Bold playful geometric patterns are suitable for a boy’s nursery. A love-themed banner can also be put as the backdrop to add to the cuteness of décor. It makes rooms fun for kids to play in!

A way to playful learning

A fanciful alphabet wall decal comes handy when we want kids to learn by seeing. Make the sense of sight the sense of learning. Stick on alphabet stickers, number stickers, growth charts can be put to walls to make the learning fun and easy. Animal stickers from jungle and oceans can also be displayed. A solar system wall decal, universe based wall mural, patterns of phases of moon can inculcate scientific temper in young minds. We all want children to learn good habits. So, various murals depicting good habits can be put on walls. Similarly, world maps can also be displayed to teach kids about the countries and continents. So, make learning a healthy playful habit.

Colored draw-on chalkboard walls

Make space for kids to unleash their creativity and imagination. Chalkboard walls, big or small, are the best option. Kids get their own space and do not end up spoiling other walls. These draw-on boards could be black or various contrasting colors depending upon the architecture and size of the room. Kids will spend time drawing, painting, imagining with a lot of fun. Give kids space to expand the universe of their brains. These chalkboard walls can also be accessorized with chalk/color holders, white boards, toys, craft materials, balls, framed artwork, and pictures to highlight certain areas. 

Time travel through memories

Preserve the memories of the kids from infants to their toddler stage in a schematic manner on the walls in the form of pictures or artwork they have created so far. The memories of various firsts of the growth period of the child can be preserved to travel back in time. Use various types of frames, hangers of different materials and bright colors to give an elegant yet energetic look. A single large frame for preserving their footprints on clay can add a signature effect to the wall. Make the walls speak up for all the achievements of the kids to create a lasting impression on the nursery. 

Colorful wallpapers

The search for an easy and temporary way of decorating the kid’s nursery ends with the use of flamboyant wallpapers. You can go for loud graphics or soft floral patterns depending on the size and lights of the room. The best part about the wallpapers is that they can be easily replaced thus preventing the issue of commitment to one design. The wallpapers of various themes like animal décor, rainbow décor, and balloon decor can be changed according to the occasion. They are the most simple and pocket-friendly means of instantly transforming a kid’s nursery.

Twinkling lights 

Last but not least, a kid’s nursery can be decorated with twinkling lights to enchant their senses. Good lightening can make any decoration look magical. They also make the room look warm and cozy. Hanging/pendant lights can do wonders in a kid’s room. They make the room look big and vibrant. Proper lightening not only helps in beautifying the room but also help in preventing strain from gentle eyes! Thus, make a magical dreamland for your kids to grow and nurture in a nursery full of love!

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