What You Really Need In Your Baby’s Nursery

January 14, 2020

As soon as you start shopping for baby things, everyone is trying to convince you about all the “essential” items that you need to own. From bottle warmers to baby bouncers, you get advice from parents about items that saved them and ads from brands telling you about what you just have to have. Then you have others, often from older generations, telling you that you really do not need much of anything. When it is time to set up a nursery, how do you know who to listen to? In truth, both of these things can be correct. There are some essential items but plenty of things that are not necessary too.

Here are some of the most important things that you need, and some items you don’t need to bother spending money on:

Somewhere For Your Baby To Sleep

The main purpose of a nursery is to give your baby somewhere to sleep. You might have the baby in your own bedroom at first, and a full crib might not even be necessary, to begin with. However, when you want to put your baby in the nursery, you will need an appropriately sized, safe, and comfortable crib. The first thing to consider is crib sizes and even shapes. There are both full-size cribs and mini cribs, as well as some cribs that have more unusual shapes. Of course, you also need a mattress, a mattress cover, and a sheet for the crib.

A Space For Changing

You will be taking care of a lot of diaper changes before it is time to potty train your child. A comfortable place to change them is a must-have in your nursery, but that does not mean you need to have a changing table. While a separate changing table can be nice to have, it is not necessary if you have another surface you can place your baby on. You just need somewhere flat and safe, which could be a dress or drawer, as well as a changing mat or pad. You can even change your baby on the floor, although it might not be so comfortable for you.

Plenty Of Storage

Babies may not need a huge amount of things, but that does not stop you from building up a large collection of baby items. From diapers to clothes, sleepwear, sacks, and toys, you are likely to have a lot of things that you have bought online from sites like Domiamia and that have been gifted to you. It is not necessary to fill the nursery with storage, but it is useful to have a dresser and perhaps some extra storage boxes. Think about what you’re going to do with your baby’s clothes, as they get too small. Are you going to store them for later or perhaps give them away or sell them?

A Comfortable Place To Sit

Whether you breastfeed or bottle-feed, having somewhere comfortable to sit with your baby is important. Your baby will be feeding frequently, so it is best to make your comfort a priority. There is no need to buy any special chair, although you might want to choose something that allows you to rock or swivel so that you can move. You might also want to be able to put your feet up. Special nursing chairs are available, but they are not the only option. A nursing pillow is also a useful addition to your nursery, helping your baby to eat comfortably too.

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The Day-to-Day Necessities

Once you have the furniture and permanent fixtures, you can ensure your nursery is stocked with all of the essentials. Diapers and wipes will always come in handy, whether you choose disposable ones or go all-natural. Clothes are a must too, and you only need to focus on the basics, to begin with. Many people may gift you nice outfits for your baby to grow into, but your priority is onesies and other basic items. While you want your baby to look cute, the main thing you need to do is dress them appropriately for the season.

What To Forget

There are plenty of things that you do not really need in your nursery too. As mentioned above, a changing table is not really a necessity. There is also no need to buy any extra items to put in the crib. Having blankets, toys, or other items in the crib can increase the risk of SIDS. Items like mobiles or white noise makers can be nice to help soothe your baby to sleep, but many parents find that they are never really used.

Do not worry if you do not have much time left to prepare your nursery. You do not really need a lot to give you the essential items.

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