Keep your makeup in place during hot and moist summers

May 31, 2019

When summers arrive, it is true that they turn the regular makeup routine to a bit complicated one. The temperature rises above the comfort level and the humidity level rises with that too. But does that mean one should give up on wearing makeup during this season? Absolutely not. One just has to do it smartly so that the makeup stays in place and it does not get washed away with sweat.

One needs to just follow a few steps so that they can have their makeup intact even in sweaty summer.

Choose a primer that works for your skin type

There are a lot of primer shades that adorn the makeup shelves and one needs to choose the right one. The varieties here depend on the skin type and also the different weather conditions. One has to go for a primer that not only suits their skin type but also suits the weather type. Some primers are there which are absolutely oil free (perfect for summers) and they can also lock the foundation on faces for hours.

 Rethink the foundation application

In summers, applying a foundation can become a completely different game. One has to know, how to play it correctly. When applying the foundation in summer, one has to go for the buffing method in circular motions where one can layer an only a small amount of foundation to get the desired coverage. One can also apply some powder in between applying primer and foundation because it works really great in holding the makeup during summers.

Use liquids for advantage

As summer is full of humidity, even if one blends the highlighter to perfection, it gets ruined a few moments later when one is out on hot and sultry weather. Dabbing some virgin coconut oil on the area and then applying the highlighter is the trick which can work in summers. In fact, one can also use the cream and liquid blush formula because it can sink in the skin for a tinted effect.

Get the blotting powders in bulk

It is a great idea to embrace blotting papers during summers. Here, the puff is very easy to manipulate and it can allow one to get the crevices which tend to invite more sweat; like the corners of chin and nose.

 Swap the eye makeup with waterproof formulas

In summers, when one is doing eye makeup, then going for waterproof eyeliner and mascara is a must.  There are good mascaras that can easily separate the lashes and also holds the curls perfectly. There are waterproof tube mascaras that are also available and one can also wash them off very easily at home. In case of eye liners one can go for gel pencils which do not get smudged to easily and stays on intact for a very long time.

Summers always need a separate kit for makeup and one can go for Tom Ford India makeup items and their summer collections to get some good products that are waterproof and smudge free as well.

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