Why You Should Consider Riding A Hybrid Bike Everyday

July 5, 2019

When you observe bike riders, you will see that most of them are riding a bike with a flat handle, wide tires that are cushioned, and feature a carrier. This is what a hybrid bike looks like.

Hybrid bikes offer great versatility. These bikes combine the best features of road and mountain bikes at a single place. Let us discuss the common features of all hybrid bikes:

Hybrids are made from strong and lightweight aluminum for durability. They feature wider tires for greater control and flat handles and plush seats for a comfortable riding posture. To protect the rider, the bikes feature front fork suspension that absorbs shock. Hybrid bikes ensure a smooth ride on all types of terrains and paths.

The geometry of the frame of the bike enables you to ride naturally in an upright position, experiencing less pain. The wide and flat handlebars with soft grips allow you to keep your head up while riding, ensuring that you are connected to the environment — busy streets and quiet trails alike.

The wide and flat pedals ensure that you can easily pedal regardless of the type of shoe you are wearing. The hybrid bike has gears that can be controlled using the levers on the handlebars. These gears help you in pedaling on stressful terrains and uphill climbs. To facilitate not only speed but halting too, most hybrid bikes today feature disc brakes. Cantilever brakes and V-brakes are also seen in some hybrid bikes.

Most hybrid bikes have a cargo rack to carry a laptop or a bag of essentials, over the rear wheel. The rack on the rear wheel means that you will not feel the weight and the way your bike feels overall will also not be affected. The package of a hybrid bike is completed with chain protectors, fenders, lights, and even a lock in some cases. Most bikes that do not already feature these have the necessary provisions for adding them later.

Hybrid bicycles are suitable for everyone — young, old, men, women, students, and anyone else who wants to ride. Biking is a cheap, healthy, clean, and space-efficient alternative to the traditional means of transport. It also has significant mental and physical health benefits. It also adds to the rider’s life span and prevents depression and certain diseases. Biking eliminates the negative physical and mental impact of being stuck in traffic for long durations. Riding a bike allows your mind to wonder and relieves stress and helps in savings. Just try riding a bike on a daily basis and you will see the benefits! 

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

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