CBD (Cannabidiol) Wave In Cosmetics

September 15, 2019

At present, CBD skincare products are gradually dominating the global cosmetic market. It is possible that you have seen CBD popping up in everyday skincare products and giving a completely new facial outlook for most big cosmetic industry products during their launch. 

Cannabidiol, usually referred to as CBD oil, is a class of photocarbanoid non-psychoactive substance present in Cannabis sativa and linked with the restoration of calm and tranquil to the human body system, without the tetrahydrocannabinol (which makes one get high). CBD comes from an organic substance extracted from the hemp plant, Cannabis sativa. Known for its therapeutic roles in protecting all types of skin, CBD has been found to be anti-inflammatory and promote the process of rejuvenation of the skin. 

CBD Tincture

How CBD-Based Cosmetics Work In The Body

Anytime CBD is used in producing skincare products, the compound’s antibacterial features make such product anti-inflammatory, reduce irritation, the lower breaking of skin, and moisturize dry skin without blocking the pores in them. Cannabidiol contains important vitamins such as vitamins A, C, and E, which promote collagen formation, as well as the cells that maintain the skim in a form and healthy state.

The human body does synthesize a special form of cannabinoid, the anandamide, which some also refer to as ‘bliss molecule.’ CBD present in cosmetics products does increase the level of body endocannabinoid. A higher level of body and brain cells anandamide usually lower inflammations but equally has other important roles it plays in the body. 

Again, CBD-formulated cosmetics products are gaining increasing popularity, because of its use in the treatment of epilepsy, reducing anxiety and nervousness, and prevention of breast cancer. Topical creams made with CBD extracts also carry the analgesic power, reducing pains from body parts. People will often spend a long time online looking at retailers like Finest Labs to compare products, helping them find what best suits their needs.

Furthermore, scientific findings have it that it can fix dry skin, psoriasis, and eczema. These days, most cosmetic products, such as body creams, serum, and lotions, contain CBD oils to reduce acne and promote smooth, glossy skin. Acne is actually a big issue in the cosmetics industry, because it results in occlusion of pores, inflammation, oily face, and bacteria-colonization of the skin surface. Findings have also revealed that CBD has the prospects of reducing skin breakouts by controlling the rate of oil supply from the sebaceous glands. This is essential for patients with acne who are to stay off Accutane and spironolactone. 

CBD-based cosmetics products help in the prevention of acne-lesion, an alternative to the use of retinoids in correcting acne. The advantage here is that the skin gets better without any adverse effects such as dry skin, flakiness, and peeling. 

Terpenes And CBD-Based Skincare Products

Terpenes are responsible for the characteristic odor of cannabinoid. While it is true that there are other pleasant-smelling ones such as the citrus-smelling limonene, and Christmas-smelling pinene, terpenes are, inarguably, the important oils present in weeds. 

Scientific findings have it that the terpenes present in cannabis can work together with cannabinoids to improve its medicinal value. Though terpenes have an odor, nevertheless, they are essential in exposing the pain receptors and increasing the bioavailability and potency of cannabinoids.

Top Benefits Of CBD In Cosmetic Products

  • Improves Sensitive Skin

CBD oil in topical creams helps in preventing some anomalies in skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema and helps to reduce sensitivity in skins that get irritated often. CBD-based cosmetics products when used as part of daily cosmetics, moisturize the skin, and retain the moisture to maintain a healthy, glossy face.

  • Prevents Aging of Skin

Cosmetics products with CBD extracts reduce the visible wrinkles on the skin usually caused by the antioxidants in cannabinoids. It reduces inflammation, revives the skin complexion, promotes a uniform skin tone, and eliminates wrinkles and fine lines. This is what CBD can do.

  • Prevents Cancer

Because of the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nature of CBD, cosmetics having the CBD compound in them have been linked to cancer prevention. Empirical investigations have revealed that CBD prevents cell metastasis, which is the basis of cancerous cell growth. 


The use of CBD in the manufacture of topicals keeps increasing by the day, because of its numerous benefits to the body system; it functions as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and keeps the skin glossy. CBD still has a lot of prospects for the cosmetic world, which scientific findings will unravel in years to come. To use CBD for skincare, you need to have a thorough knowledge of various CBD oil skincare products by reading online reviews.

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