Best Roofing Materials According To Roofer Stockholm

October 4, 2019

We all know that there is not a place more important than our own home. It is where we build our families and develop relationships with our kin. This is also the place where we rest our heads and recover our lost energy. Even though it might not be perfect, we still find ways to make it better for the people who will be staying there for a shorter or longer period of time. This is why it is very important for us to make sure that this place is in a proper order. If there is something that needs to be fixed, it should be done as soon as possible. 

The roof is considered as the most vulnerable part of the house. As it is situated on top of any house (unless otherwise stated), it is naturally exposed to anything that Mother Nature would procure. Whether it is snow, heat, rain or hail, the roof will face all of it. These are just some of the reasons why we need to take care of our roofs. Better yet, before we even live in this particular house, we should be able to see if the roof is made with high quality materials. This should be one of the first steps in choosing or building a house. Read more about it here.

There are a lot of materials that can be used for your roof. From the most common to the most expensive, here are some of the well-known options for materials: 

Materials To Consider

Asphalt Shingles

One of the most popular options out of this list, asphalt shingles have been used for a very long time. It is usually common with sloped roofs because of its shape as well. It also fits any kind of house because it can come in various colors. It is also resistant to fire, especially if they are made with fiberglass. However, one of the bigger problems of shingles is their longevity: usually, most of these would just last for about a decade or two with proper care. It is also very hard to recycle and it will just turn into a waste. However, newer technology made them better against hail. They are also easier to replace and repair.

Wood Shingles

These are just wooden versions of the previous option. If you are looking for something that looks more natural, wood shingles are for you. These are made with quality hardwoods and can last even longer than asphalt shingles. Wood shingles are also recyclable and can be made into a lot of other products that needs a wooden base. However, you need to get ones that are treated for fire protection as these can be a complete fire hazard. Maintenance and repairs can also cost you in the long run especially if you are in places with a volatile climate. 


If you want something a bit more long-lasting, then metal roofs might be for you. This is also a great option if you are living in higher altitudes or colder environments since it can help preserve heat inside the house. This also helps in cooling the house on hotter days. It is not very heavy at all unlike what others would believe as it can be thin enough to be handled by any roofer. Metal roofs are also fire resistant but anything underneath it that isn’t will still affect the metal in case of a fire. 

However, metal roofs can be a bit expensive compared to the previous options. These are really good though especially if you are living in areas where hail storms are quite common. Learn more about this from sites like: https://takläggarestockholmslä

Solar Panel 

This is a new technology that has been developed by the celebrity scientist Elon Musk. This combines the powers of a solar panel with the looks of a tile roof. This makes your house more energy efficient because you can use this instead of your actual electric connection. It can even replace it all together. As it looks like an actual roof tile, it will not impede or disturb your vision for your home. However, this is probably the most expensive option in the bunch and may need more maintenance. The manufacturer assures that it can last up to three decades though, but there is not a single word of what happens after.

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